Attending career fairs are not just chances to hand out resumes, they’re opportunities to prepare for future advancements. Come prepared to a career fair to get value. Whether you’re a company or a student, there are a few tips to keep in mind before attending career fairs or similar events. After speaking to several attendees at the Youngstown State University STEM Career Fair about their best practices and helpful tips, here’s what we learned: 


For the Companies 

Be diverse, bringing in all kinds of representatives to show the difference facets of your company. However, make sure to bring along alumni of these schools. This way they can better relate to the students. Maybe even consider a bit of training on how to communicate with students without intimidating them. Most of all, before attending, set your goals. Consider what your companies need and the areas of future opportunity. 

Quick & Simple Tips for Companies and Students on Getting The Most Value Out of Career Fairs

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For Students

Career fairs are extremely important. Even if that isn’t realized now, it will be someday. These are opportunities to make impressions on your future employers or maybe an excellent connection who could help you down the road. This is why it is important to look at the companies there, including what they do and what you’re offering. If you really like a company, learn even more! Companies love this and it show genuine interest. Especially if these companies align with your passion. If your heart is in something and your eyes light up when you talk about it, don’t settle. Instead, seek out a company where you can pursue a career involving what makes you happy.

Don’t be afraid to sell yourself and your skills. Whether you have a lot of professional experience or not, you have experience in some way and thus something to offer. There’s no one like you. This is why remaining genuine is important. Be yourself and try to stay away from being who you think companies want you to be.

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