Makerspaces start here! The Grommet’s free ebook provides lessons and inspirations from Makers, inventors, and entrepreneurs. 


makerspace can take many forms and serve many purposes.  They could be embedded into a school to teach kids about robotics and STEM or they could be a standalone facility like Artisan’s Asylum which is a makerspace where makers come to start a business or just create something for fun.  There have been many success stories about makers using a makerspace to craft something out of nothing and turn it into a company.

There are many ways these days that makers can make a product and now with the help of companies like The Grommet and Kickstarter these makers have a way to bring their products to market.  For those who don’t know, The Grommet is a product launch platform for undiscovered products that have been embraced by independent makers.  The founders Jules Pieri and Joanne Domeniconi have discovered and launched over 2,000 products including FitbitSodastream and [a young girl’s] soon to be favorite Goldieblox which are STEM/Maker toys for girls.  Jules and Joanne just recently launched a free ebook called Makers Who Made It and it includes 100 stories from makers who have seen the ups and downs of entrepreneurship.  If you’re considering starting a maker business this ebook is worth checking out.  You can download it here for FREE.

Makerspaces Are Making Maker Businesses




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