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IoT, Maker Movement Add “Cool” Factor To Industrial Sector

Sometimes, when you tell people that you work for an electronics distributor, their eyes might light up with fascination. The era of personal electronics can be dawning and the public is mesmerized. You might say that you work primarily with industrial manufacturers, and their eyes instantly glaze over. While consumer electronics was considered sexy, the industrial sector was more utilitarian. Critical of course, but hardly fodder for cocktail party chitchat. People’s reaction today might be the same, but the industrial sector has changed dramatically over the past several decades. With growing adoption of game-changing Industrial Internet of Things (IoT)...

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Makerspaces Encourage Students to Innovate and Build Critical Thinking Skills

Think about makerspaces as a means to integrate hands-on learning through experimentation, building or collaboration. From cardboard to 3Dprinting. Two years ago, the White House hosted its first ever Maker Faire, a festival dedicated to invention, creativity and resourcefulness. Today, the spirit and sentiment behind the event — putting education into the hands of students — extends to educational environments and libraries across the country. Spring Hill School District, a small K–12 district in southwest Arkansas, has joined the makerspace movement in a big way. The district’s massive, new makerspace was built to give teachers new ways to inspire...

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Changing Who Gets to Make the World

To be able to make is a powerful, life-altering force for both students and their broader communities.  Studio H, a design/build class at REALM Charter School in Berkeley, California, was founded by Emily Pilloton. A builder of tree forts since childhood who trained in architecture and design, Pilloton moved into teaching because she “knew there were things about architecture and design that could have a deep impact in the classroom.” She shares the knowledge of tools and handicraft she’s honed over the course of her life both within the school and through an after-school and summer program called Girls...

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2017 Makerspace Contest

Instructables presents the 2017 Makerspace Contest! The contest that brings communities together is back for its third iteration. Epilog, Ultimaker, Dremel, Woodcraft, and DigiKey are offering up $50,000 in useful tools that would round out any Makerspace. It’s time to get together and get making for a chance to win for your team. As a bonus for our overachievers, this year we will award individual prizes for the Best Individual Project, Best Use of Fusion 360, Best Use of Sculpting in Fusion 360 and Best Use of CAM in Fusion 360 as well! Show off your best projects and...

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Makers Movement Changes the Educational Landscape

In Texas, a 13-year-old boy built a robot that could rescue victims of natural disasters. In Georgia, a 15-year-old girl developed a device that alerts parents who have have left their child in the car. And in California, a 13-year-old boy created a Braille printer that would be almost six times cheaper than the currently available model. Young people aren’t just the future. They’re the present, innovating and creatively solving problems in a range of fields. Students across the country, from every background, have the ability to build new products that could change lives around the world. That’s what...

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Will IoT Kill DIY?

Technology is changing the way we look at instrumentation and controls. To maximize profit, business plans are leaning heavily on the aftermarket, software technology, and Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT). Questions about who owns the equipment, software, and even the data become serious concerns to anyone involved. This article will show how software and IIoT are both helping and hurting industries by adding valuable features, but possibly preventing maintenance or modification to be done on the equipment. “The rules and expectations for ’ownership‘ have mutated profoundly over the last couple of decades,” says Jason Walker CEO of Stanley Robotics....

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Want to Help NASA Make a FabLab in Space?

Ever dreamt of designing a makerspace for astronauts to use? NASA is accepting prototypes and applications from the public to put a makerspace aboard the International Space Station (ISS). Many people do not realize that the public can interact with, and more specifically work with NASA. The agency releases public calls for proposals and prototypes all the time. Anyone, including small businesses and individuals, can submit designs for consideration. This time, NASA specifically wants a FabLab, or makerspace, on the International Space Station. They are not planning on packing up crates full of table saws and routers, they need something a little more purpose built....

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Makerspace: Professor Aims to Help Students Succeed by Failing

With new 3D printer, laser cutter, CNC mill, you can “fail early and often, and quickly learn from your mistakes.” Professor is teaching kids valuable, hands-on lessons through the use of a makerspace. A Knox College faculty member recently installed some high-tech equipment designed to help students fail. Nicholas Gidmark, assistant professor of biology, installed a 3D printer, laser cutter, and computer-controlled milling machine—supported in part by a grant from the Scripps Foundation—to create a “science makerspace.” “Makerspaces provide the hands-on technology that enable you to test and improve your ideas,” Gidmark says. “This equipment makes it possible to...

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With Manufacturing on the Decline, Small Makers Still Get It Done

Manufacturing is a beast of a subject, and [the Santa Fe Reporter] set out to cover it from the perspective of those who make things. The idea: tour factories with assembly lines and report on people who work on them, timed by bells. They hit a wall. According to the state Economic Development Department, manufacturing employment is down 9 percent in New Mexico during the past five years, which means a loss of nearly 3,000 jobs. Computer and electronic products, furniture and textile mill manufacturing decreased by more than 20 percent during the same time period.  Broadly defined, manufacturing...

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Makerspaces Are Making Maker Businesses

Makerspaces start here! The Grommet’s free ebook provides lessons and inspirations from Makers, inventors, and entrepreneurs.    A makerspace can take many forms and serve many purposes.  They could be embedded into a school to teach kids about robotics and STEM or they could be a standalone facility like Artisan’s Asylum which is a makerspace where makers come to start a business or just create something for fun.  There have been many success stories about makers using a makerspace to craft something out of nothing and turn it into a company. There are many ways these days that makers can make a product...

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Makerspaces: A Tool That Can Transform Learning

Post written by Nicholas Provenzano, high school English teacher, author, speaker, and consultant. I sat around the Makerspace in my school and just looked around at all the students working on different projects. One student was working on a maze to program a robot to traverse, a pair of students were trying to create a student ID scanner system using Raspberry Pi, others were designing 3D objects, and some were just sitting and drawing.  Setting up this space was not an easy task, but it was awesome to see the students taking charge of the Makerspace and using all...

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Build a Makerspace Workbench For Under $100 is always creating something at their office and just recently they ran out of work space.  Instead of just going out and buying a workbench, they decided to build one and share the plans so you can build one too. Making your own workbench offers a few advantages over buying one from the store.  First, you will be able to customize the bench to your specific needs, requirements and space constraints.  You can make it as long, high, wide, flashy or simple as you want.  And the best part is you will save a ton of money, learn something new and have...

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Welcome to the Maker City

Providence is a thriving city for makers of all sorts. Here’s how they’re making the maker culture possible.    Anyone casually familiar with Providence knows that we are a city that prizes its arts and culture immensely, and one of the largest demographics to fall under that umbrella are our makers. From the jewelry industry we are so well known for, to furniture, handbags, ceramics, electronics, blacksmithing, print making and so much more, the maker movement that has been recently growing across the US has long had an established foothold in Providence, and it seems like new maker spaces are popping up...

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Makeblock Raises $30 Million for Robot-Building Kits for Kids

Remember when kids could simply play with their toys? They still can. But parents are increasingly spending on toys that are chockablock with tech components, and that promise to turn their kids into software developers or robotics engineers. The Toy Industry Association, which held its International Toy Fair in New York last month, has even identified robotics-education as a major trend for the market in 2017. Now, a Shenzhen-based startup called Makeblock has raised $30 million in Series B venture funding to serve all those parents with programmable robots, and robot-building kits for kids and teens. Makeblock claims it has customers in 140 countries and products being...

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From Virtual Reality to Online Libraries, How Technology is Revolutionizing Education in GR

If you could work in any field you wanted and money wasn’t a factor, what would you be? Who knows how many students have chosen a career path with this very question? There are, no doubt, some still asking it this very moment. As classrooms across the nation and many in West Michigan are teaching us, however, a more appropriate interrogative would ask not where students would rather be tomorrow, but what they would rather learn today. From virtual online classrooms built by such companies as Microsoft and Switch to the massive open online courses from providers like edX, Coursera and...

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Why a Boeing Engineer Quit to Become a Maker Pro

Noramay Cadena spent the better part of a decade building airplanes and satellites for aerospace giant Boeing. But after earning mid-career business and master’s degrees from MIT, she started to chafe at the restrictions of the company’s corporate culture. “I hit walls,” she said, in a must-read interview with Brinc . “And ceilings.” That frustration led her to leave the company and found two organizations: a nonprofit called Latinas in STEM that supports young women in tech careers, and Make in LA, a Los Angeles accelerator that aims to become a hub for the city’s hardware startups. Looking to forerunners like Bolt and HAX, Cadena recently brought a cadre of portfolio companies to China...

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Tips for Designing Kits Simple Enough for Kid Makers to Assemble

Article By: Bjpirt There’s a time in the development of many makers when they switch from making things purely for themselves to making things for other people to make. The point at which you start giving your designs away and other people start making them is when things get really interesting. The transition from lone maker to sharing maker can be difficult, as it underlines to how easy or difficult your design is to build. When you’ve designed something yourself you make certain allowances, but it’s a different story when someone else is building your design and they find part...

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Benefits of Hands-On Learning in Makerspaces

For those of us working in the manufacturing industry, the concept of hands-on learning is a natural way to investigate problems and come up with creative solutions. But for many, hands-on learning has become the exception rather than the rule. Fortunately, the increasing number of Makerspaces provides exciting new opportunities for hands-on learning, problem-solving, and creative experimentation. If you don’t have a lot of experience making things by hanld, the habits and vocabulary of those of us with careers in the world of product development, engineering and design, manufacturing and production or science laboratories might seem very foreign indeed....

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8 Tips to Help Create and Sustain a Makerspace

Though makerspaces are becoming more mainstream, creating and maintaining one could overwhelm educators who are starting from scratch. Aside from the technology tools and other resources that make up the space, it’s wise to have a plan in terms of when students will use the space, how it will be shared, where funding will come from, and how students will demonstrate what they are learning. A makerspace is loosely defined as an area in which people–in this case, students and educators–use creativity, technology and computing to work on different projects and ideas, said October Smith, the K-12 science coordinator...

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The New MakerBot Educators Program

ANNOUNCING MAKERBOT EDUCATORS: A NEW PROGRAM FOR EMPOWERING TEACHERS, STUDENTS, AND SCHOOLS SOURCE: | January 25, 2017 | K-12, MakerBot Education, news, recent, Thingiverse | by Josh Snider Building on MakerBot’s years of work in education, we’re proud to announce the launch of our brand new MakerBot Educators program at the Future of Education Technology Conference (FETC) in Orlando, Florida at booth #2316 at North Exhibit Hall B. This new program empowers educators to promote the use of 3D printing in their classrooms by exchanging knowledge with other educators, participating in challenges and receiving support and guidance from...

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Makerspace Pop-up Encourages Creative Habits

On Saturday afternoon, the Bennett Martin Public Library was filled with students controlling robots, playing from a 3D-printed violin and making music by hitting a machine made up of wires and bananas. The tools and projects were presented as part of the library’s Makerspace open house. The event held a collection of traveling kits that encouraged participants to create and innovate, and included a sewing machine, robots, building sets and more. The pop-up space, which took place from 3-5 p.m., was held to inspire the creativity in young people. Lincoln Mayor Chris Beutler gave opening remarks, saying Makerspace showed...

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Autodesk’s Maker Program Starter Kit

After working hand-in-hand with educators who want to launch a Maker Program but “just don’t know where to start”, Autodesk has developed a free and easy-to-use guide. Packed with fun activities, tons of projects, professional development resources, and tips and tricks, go from mind to making in 10 easy steps. Click the image below to preview your starter...

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Why the Maker Movement Matters: Part 1, the Tools Revolution

This matters! People should pay attention! Why the Maker Movement matters to the future of jobs and manufacturing. Some people might look at the Maker Movement as something that is just a fad for people. That it is just for hipsters with hobbies. But, the Maker Movement is something much more. It is the future of making, designing, manufacturing, and everything about the world around us. A serious economic, technological, and city-development force, the Maker Movement matter and everyone should be paying attention! Everyone who has heard a recent political speech, listened to a talk show, or looked at the...

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How Makers Can Catalyze a Manufacturing Renaissance

The article “5 Ways the Maker Movement can help catalyze a manufacturing renaissance” calls for leaders to “embrace the Maker Movement as a deeply American source of decentralized creativity for rebuilding America’s thinning manufacturing ecosystems.” Mark Muro of the Brookings Institution and Peter Hirshberg, co-author with me of the Maker City guide, are co-authors of the article, which makes the case that the new administration might want to look to the Maker Movement as a way to think about re-vitalizing manufacturing in America. They could look at places such as the Columbus Idea Factory in Ohio.   Click Here to Read the Full...

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Gateway to Creation: GR’s Maker Movement Gives Space & Tools to Bring Inventors’ Ideas to Life

In Grand Rapids, the Maker Movement is increasing in popularity, offering those with the time and energy a space in which to explore their passions.  Tinkers, makers, hackers. Though they go by many names, those with a passion for creating with their hands and minds have much in common and fall under the umbrella of what’s known across the country as the “Maker Movement.” Much like the shared economy, makers offer their talents, skills and knowledge to enable each other to get their projects off the ground. Often working in group “maker spaces” (essentially, common physical spaces that offer...

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Building a Maker and Design Culture within Schools

Take a moment, and close your eyes. Think back to a time when you attended school, and recall something or someone that caused your mind to reach a state of rapture, something you still talk about to this very day. Odds are, you’re not thinking about worksheets you did back in 7th grade or the teacher that made everyone do “popcorn” readings. The moments we recall, and that have inspired us to become teachers and school administrators, are often the hands-on projects where we could make and design, or the outgoing teachers who inspired us daily to question the...

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3D Printing Opens Entrepreneurial Opportunities

The entrepreneurial spirit today has a lot of opportunities at its fingertips.  With is happening with 3D printing today is much like what happened in the late 1970s with computers. Entrepreneurs saw an immense amount of opportunities emerging through market needs. These opportunities where were the entrepreneurs chose to strike and seize the moment. A lot of companies see the advantages as well. UPS sees 3D printing as a disruptor. Being in the business of logistics and delivering goods from one point to another, UPS embraced this disruption trend rather than cursing it. The kind of thinking that UPS is embracing is vital for...

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State Of 3D Software: Interview With SOLIDWORKS CEO Gian Paolo Bassi

There is no shortage of enthusiasm for 3D printing. Sure, it goes through various financial cycles from a public stock perspective, but it still continues to grab consumer and business interest. In the Forbes “State of 3D Software” CEO interview series,  Gian Paolo Bassi, CEO of SOLIDWORKS, discusses the state of 3D Software. Mr. Bassi is an energetic and passionate speaker when it comes to makers, startups, and entrepreneurs.    Click Here to Read the Full...

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Untraditional Learning: Students Design, Create During Makers Space

COLUMBIANA, Ohio (WKBN) – Many schools have adopted more creative learning tactics, including one that’s known as the “Makers Space” classroom where students are free to create and design whatever they want, while learning important lessons and skills. Legos, race cars, paint and a 3D printer are the supplies in one Columbiana High School classroom. While it may seem like just a period of fun, Principal Hostetler says students are still learning and using STEM principles. “This is what we call an unstructured learning environment. We want the kids to come in here, relax, kind of get their mind off their...

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How Tinkering and “Problem Making” Are Shaking Up Higher Education

Programs that explore aspects of making, tinkering, and hacking would’ve been unheard of even ten years ago, but now we see them happening in universities all around the nation. Aside from DePaul, we see this at places like School of Art Institute of Chicago with their “Designing for Emerging Technology” program and Carnegie Mellon with “Physical Computing.” At the Nation of Makers White House summit, it became very clear during a breakout session of academics that makerspaces and Making were things that universities ranging from tier 1 research schools to small liberal arts colleges are exploring makerspaces and making....

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The Making of a Movement

Maker Faire is a large movement that started over 10 years ago with Dale Dougherty and Sherry Huss. While this movement might be inspiration for kids, at this year’s New York City event the median age of attendee was 40. This event has branded itself in many ways to build bridges and collaborate across disciplines to unite technologies and different creative mediums that inspire conversations that may have not have happened otherwise. This blending of people is imperative to the fair’s message. Furthermore, the founders saw the need for human interaction and value in meeting face-to-face to create lasting...

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Schools Say Bye to Shop Class, Hello to Maker Space

STEM stands for science, technology, engineering and mathematics, and it’s the guiding educational concept today in preparing high school students for colleges and also for jobs that demand cutting-edge technology. In these specialized classrooms, they can try out some of the ideas and tools they will need for jobs in rooms that may look like a woodworking shop at one place and a computer repair shop in another. Teachers are learning, too. “I’m used to physics and a cut-and-dried curriculum,” said Newark teacher Peter Yonko. “This is not.” STEM is not the only foundation of maker spaces. STEM becomes...

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Announcing the Nation of Makers!

More than 300 organizations come together to launch Nation of Makers New non-profit organization will ensure that more Americans have access to the spaces, communities, and tools that enable them to make things, not just consume things. MARYLAND- The grassroots Maker Movement has, and continues to, impact entrepreneurship, education, economic and workforce development, manufacturing, community revitalization and technology inclusion in the U.S. To build upon existing efforts and to continue to grow the coalition of diverse organizations supporting the maker community, we are proud to announce the creation of an independent non-profit called Nation of Makers. The organization will...

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Workshops of the World: Makerspaces Spring Up Across Pennsylvania

In a 1,500-square-foot garage in Pittsburgh, a group of Back to the Futureenthusiasts toil away on a Power Wheels car base, transforming it into a mini Delorean time machine. Meanwhile across the Commonwealth, in a storefront on a vibrant commercial corridor in West Philadelphia, kids diligently hone their soldering and programming skills while building their own retro Gameboys.     Click Here to Read the Full...

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Urban Makerspace Partnership Links Industry with Education

A higher education partnership in Baltimore will help connect students with a makerspace to build their educational and manufacturing opportunities and expand their employment prospects. Open Works, Baltimore’s new $11.5 center for traditional and advanced fabrication, is partnering with the Community College of Baltimore County (CCBC) as part of a joint effort to give area residents access to the resources and connections necessary to further their educational, expressive, professional, and business goals.   Click Here to Read the Full...

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Gathering Case Studies to Understand the Scope of Makerspace Needs

Get a group of makers together from different makerspaces (or hackerspaces), and they will quickly realize that they have common space challenges. While they’d all like to believe that their space is somehow unique and special, the reality is that we all deal with challenges like preventing burnout of key contributors, paying the rent, keeping the space organized, working with difficult members, and “donations” of unwanted e-waste. Click Here to Read the Full Article ...

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Tarts Sensors – Wireless Sensors for Makers

Tarts Sensors is a division of Monnit Corporation. Leveraging the development work by Monnit, Tarts Sensors brings a fully tested, FCC, IC and CE compliant wireless sensors platform to those wishing to develop their own solutions using open platforms such as Arduino, Raspberry Pi and BeagleBone Black. Tarts Sensors allow both developers and hobbyists alike the ability to develop wireless sensor networks with completely customizable features and behaviors. Simply choose a wireless sensor gateway for your favorite development platform (Arduino, Raspberry Pi or BeagleBone Black) and any of over 20 different types of wireless sensors, download the starter code...

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A ‘Cathedral to Manufacturing’ Is Reborn

Even as a rusted shell five years ago, Building 128 in the Brooklyn Navy Yard projected a singular presence, a vast space with steel trusswork stretching into pitched 70-foot ceilings. “It was really one of the most dramatic spaces I have seen in New York,” said David Belt,co-founder of New Lab, an interdisciplinary workspace that now inhabits one wing of Building 128. “It looked like a cathedral to manufacturing.” Click Here to Read the Full...

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Makerspace Tech Goes Mobile at Virginia High School

Dominion High School in Virginia utilizes national prize to bring makerspace equipment into the classrooms as part of larger movement toward student engagement. Makerspaces are rolling out of the tech lab and into teachers’ classrooms at Northern Virginia’s Dominion High School this school year, thanks to a U.S. Department of Education challenge prize. The mobile makerspaces represent an enlightened step forward for the high school — and a victory for technology resource teachers Josh Ajima and Terry Baker. It was their makeover proposal that helped bring Dominion national recognition as one of 10 schools, among 640 that applied, to win...

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Makerspace Organizers Convene at The White House

Makerspace organizers receive inquiries about [their] makerspaces on a regular basis, but not from the White House! A few weeks ago, makerspaces around the U.S. started receiving an email from Andrew Coy, Senior Advisor for Making from the Office of Science and Technology Policy. After some dialog (and a number of people needing to be convinced that the emails were legitimate), the point of contact for each makerspace received an invitation to a gathering of makerspace organizers as part of the Nation of Makers program. A few of [them] joked at the event that makerspaces will have a new set of rules about answering White House emails in...

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Makerspaces Critical for Advancing Hardware Innovation, Learning

Makerspaces are like super-garages providing room to tinker, create, and build for the masses. The “maker movement” is in its infancy in Canada, and there is potential for boosting innovation and the economy. But for now, people mostly want to be part of a community of builders and creators—the so-called makers. The maker movement began in the U.S. in 2005 and has risen to national attention. In 2014, the White House hosted its first “maker faire,” where people of all ages came to show what they’ve built and learned in doing so. Universities and colleges co-signed a letter to President Obama...

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Meet Your (Everyday) Maker

 While saying“maker” may be vague, it has caught on to describe a whole movement that includes 3D printing engineers to electronics developers. Now the Internet of Things is emerging as a popular trend in the maker community.   According to, 53% of electronics makers have direct experience creating Internet of Things technology. This is one of the insights from a survey of 3139 people from 104 countries performed by Hackster—one of the biggest electronics maker sites on the Internet, which has the support of 25 partners including industry giants such as Google, Samsung, Microsoft, and Amazon Web Services. Click Here to Read the Full...

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A Movement in the Making: The Emergence of the Maker Movement

by CustomMade The maker movement is made up of some 135 million adults in the U.S., however, it’s more than just a U.S. movement. Maker faires that celebrate the movement have popped up in Japan, Italy, Norway, and Chile. Makers use their skills to craft items such as clothing, baked goods, jewelry, and art; contributing $29 billion to the U.S. economy annually. From 3D printers to laser cutters—makers employ various tools to create their goods. Many gather at makerspaces where they share these resources. Makerspaces are havens for techies, artists, and entrepreneurs. Through crowdfunding, makers are able to facilitate small-scale funding...

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