This week, Tooling-U SME had an extraordinary opportunity to gather manufacturers together from across the country at their annual tuX event – and get a read on how things are going in the industry related to training and development.

Some feedback was not surprising. For instance, a poll of attendees found that nearly everyone (98%) said production is impacted by lack of skilled workers.

We all know the skills gap is very real. If companies aren’t building a pipeline of workers and addressing the situation now, they will be in trouble. Fortunately, Tooling-U heard from a number of manufacturers that are getting out in front of this challenge and have innovative ideas for recruiting, training and retaining their workforce. (They’ll post videos of the presentations soon.)

But here’s the shocker. When asked how successful their companies are at handling the training and development of multi-generational workforce, Tooling-U heard…crickets. Not one person said their company was doing “great” when it came to successfully training a multi-generational workforce. So that’s why you see that gaping 0% in the graphic.

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