Company’s brand-new RSE-60 effectively tackles the age-old problem of removing stripped screws.

Vampire Tools, creators of the powerful VamPLIERSTM screw extracting pliers have tightened their grip on the fastener extraction market with a brand-new offering: the RSE-60, or recessed screw extractor. Complementing the VamPLIERS’ ability to lock on to stripped fasteners whose heads sits above the surface, the RSE-60’s innovative design delivers unprecedented extraction ability for recessed or countersunk M3, M4, and M5 screws.

Where the RSE differs from previous stripped screw extraction methods is in its simplicity. No power or drilling is necessary, and for normally stripped screws, a hammer isn’t required. For heavily stripped fasteners, the RSE-60 also comes with an alternate specially designed bit. With a simple tap of a hammer, the bit digs in to make extraction a snap.

Founder of Vampire Tools Anita Qureshey explained the enthusiasm behind the RSE’s release. “We’re incredibly excited about the addition of the RSE-60 because it intuitively solves a problem that everyone has experienced. We also believe it’s a better solution. For professional mechanics, or anyone who has the need to remove stripped screws, the RSE-60 will save them a huge amount of time and effort.”

In addition to the two bits that the RSE-60 currently comes with, Vampire Tools is in the process of developing additional bits, which will make the extraction of other standard fasteners simpler.

About Vampire Tools
Vampire Tools International, Inc. started in 2012 with the vision to revolutionize seemingly straight-forward hand tools through simple, function-driven innovation. The innovative design of the flagship tool, the VamPLIERSTM put the company on the map as the most effective tool on the market for extracting stripped fasteners. Vampire Tools works to continually introduce new and unique products that are versatile, technologically intuitive, and time-saving.

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