There’s a false conception that if you’re a midsize or small business, you can’t afford the e-commerce suites that drive revenue for the biggest companies in the B2B market. Cloud commerce has changed all of that, and promises to level the playing field between midmarket and big brands, manufacturers, and wholesalers in the digital age.

B2B buying landscape has changed

Today B2B customers require the same level of service and options that they enjoy in their personal lives, as the lines between B2B and B2C have blurred. If you’re not providing your clients with the same high-end customer experience that they’ve come to expect when shopping outside of work, you’re losing precious ground and customers.

“B2B customers expect a broader selection, faster delivery, and more product information-all of which is accessible through multiple devices (e.g., mobile, desktop, mobile apps, marketplaces, and other channels), saidBrian Beck, SVP, Ecommerce & Omni-Channel Strategy at Guidance. 

Benefits of commerce suites for midsize B2B

The benefits of adding a commerce suite to your B2B midsize organization are many. Deploying an integrated e-commerce platform within your business gives you the same advantages in the digital realm as your bigger competitors.

Some of the advantages of adding B2B commerce cloud include:

Ramped up sales: Commerce software allows sales staff to spend more time fostering customer relationships as administrative and customer service tasks become smartly automated.

Personalization: As customers begin to engage with your e-commerce platform, personalization allows you to better understand each client, and offers you the opportunity to market in the moment to them. Add-ons, service, and additional products can be targeted to specific buyers, which means increased order values.

Improved customer experience: By personalizing each engagement with an omnichannel platform, customers begin to rely upon your expertise, and forge a relationship that drives brand loyalty.

There are a plethora of other advantages to commerce suites, a majority of which can be found here.

Forrester names the best B2B commerce suites for midsize

Recognizing the disruption that B2B faces, Forrester has published for the first time Wave for B2B Commerce Suites For Midsize Organizations. SAP Hybris was the only vendor to be rated “Leader” in all three Forrest Commerce Waves for B2C and B2B commerce suites for enterprise and midsize organizations, and was one of only two vendors that achieved a “Leader” rating in both B2B Enterprise and B2B Midsize Commerce Waves.

“There’s a belief that SAP is too big or too expensive if you’re a midsize business,” said Burton Davis, Senior Account Executive for SAP Hybris, “This just isn’t true. The implementation period for Hybris Commerce Cloud for B2B is the same as our competitors, and most importantly, we are the only vendor to provide a complete product, with things like order management, product content management, personalization, order history, PO’s, and organizational approvals in one solution, making it far less expensive than products offered by others.”

Also noted in the Forrester Wave Report was, “The SAP Hybris ecosystem includes a large, global implementation partner network, which customer references lauded for its breadth and depth and high standards for inclusion.” In other words, Hybris has partners across the world who can help you implement your cloud commerce, and keep it primed for wherever your business takes you.

Want to learn more about how a B2B commerce suite can help you grow your midsize business? You can download the report from Forrester for free here. 

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