September 12, 2017

 ZSI Manufacturing Inc., Concord Ohio, announced this week the launch of its American Belleville brand, of Belleville Washers, Disc Springs, and Flange Washers designed for applications that require the highest quality, reliability, performance; that is manufactured in the United States with globally competitive pricing.

It’s leadership shares nearly 60 years of experience in the business of designing, manufacturing, problem solving and the distribution of Disc Springs, Belleville Spring Washers, & Flange Washers. Their expertise and knowledge in this industry, streamlined manufacturing processes, global network, and access to specialty materials give them the tools to be flexible, responsive, reliable and competitive on a global scale.

“We’re simplifying the entire customer experience. It begins and ends with listening to our customer and being genuine in our approach to help them find the right products and solutions. We’re in the people serving people business. We just happen to do it while we design, manufacture and distribute the highest quality Belleville washers”, says Perry Blossom, American Belleville’s CFO. “We’re relentlessly focused on delivering results that

matter most through a values-based approach, trusted partnerships and passion to positively contribute to the overall success and sustainability of our customers.”

American Belleville recently acquired its new 22,000 sf. facility in Concord, OH to launch the manufacturing of USA-made products to service the regional, national & global marketplaces from a convenient distribution location.

“The Northeast Ohio area is the ideal hub for timely delivery of components to the primary manufacturing centers of the US. We’re constantly looking for new and innovative ways for our customer base to procure the products and services that we offer. The status-quo should be status NO!” says Les Riga, American Belleville’s Vice President of Sales & Marketing. “By building trust and strong ethics-based partnerships with the right customers, we’re excited to grow with this market and lead with our collective wealth of product & industry expertise and experience. Our entire team knows this product range like no other, from concept to delivery.  American Belleville is raising the bar on Total Customer Experience.”

For more information on American Belleville, visit their website:

Contact Information:

Les Riga, VP – Sales & Marketing

(P) 216.403.6058



Perry Blossom, VP – CFO

(P) 440.343.4792


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