MiTek ProSeries™ Offers High-Grade, Code-Compliant, Structural Fasteners for Professional Builders, Remodelers, Deck Builders, DIYers, and Pro-sumers




MiTek today announced that it has launched a new line of fasteners, called MiTek ProSeries™. MiTek ProSeries™ includes MiTek Washer Head structural wood screws, MiTek Bugle Head structural wood screws, and MiTek Hex Head structural wood screws.

MiTek® Launches Its New ProSeries™ Fasteners, Offering Exterior-Grade & Interior-Grade Structural Wood Screws

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  • Ideal for wood-to-wood and metal-to wood connections, MiTek Hex Head structural wood screws are available in lengths from 1-1/2” to 8”. These screws can be used in numerous framing applications in lieu of traditional lags screws where a hex head drive is desired.
  • MiTek Washer Head structural wood screws (exterior finish) offer an alternative to traditional lags screws. The large, flat washer head offers a low profile (for less interference) after installation. These screws are ideal for deck ledger attachments and other wood-to-wood connections. They are available in lengths from 2-7/8” to 8.”
  • Specifically designed for multi-ply EWP and dimensional wood connections, MiTek Washer Head structural wood screws (with a yellow zinc finish) allow for one-sided connections on 2-, 3-, and 4-ply beams and truss girders. They are available in lengths from 2-7/8” to 6-3/4”.
  • Ideal for a low-profile appearance, MiTek Bugle Head screws are available in lengths from 2-1/2” to 10”. These are general-purpose structural screws that offers a high-strength alternative to traditional lag screws and allow for the head to be driven flush or countersunk.

Detailed information about these products can be found at these links:

MiTek ProSeries Hex Head Sales Sheet
MiTek ProSeries Bugle Head Sales Sheet
MiTek ProSeries Washer Head EXT Sales Sheet
MiTek ProSeries Washer Head YZ Sales sheet

All the MiTek ProSeries™ fasteners feature a “cut point” that offers a fast start – with no pre-drilling required – that helps reduce installation torque and splitting. MiTek ProSeries fasteners are listed under ICC-ES ESR-2761, and code-compliant with the latest codes (2015 IBC/IRC).

Screw lengths are stamped on the head of all MiTek ProSeries structural wood screws, making it easy to identify after installation. This is ideal during the inspection process. The MiTek Washer Head structural wood screws and the MiTek Bugle Head structural wood screws both utilize a T30 Torx drive to maximize bit engagement and reduce “cam-out.”

“The MiTek ProSeries offers a one-stop source for high-strength fasteners used in a wide range of applications, from attaching structural connectors and fastening components, to building decks and other carpentry tasks,” said Brent Kreutzer, MiTek’s Product Manager for fasteners, anchoring solutions, and tools.

Learn more about MiTek ProSeries at

Call 800-328-5934 for stocking options.

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