“More than 2,000 registrants attended the show representing professionals from the entire supply chain, exceeding the expectations of the show organizer, Mack Brook Exhibitions, Inc. There were over 250 exhibitors from 20 countries looking to connect with customers in the heart of the Midwest manufacturing region representing a variety of industries like distribution, automotive, aerospace, energy, civil engineering, and construction”.



Some of the Event Highlights and Sessions Included:

  • Fastener Fair USA ribbon cutting ceremony
  • The “Future of the Fastener Industry” industry expert panel sponsored by Earnest Machine Products, which attracted nearly 100 attendees looking for industry forecasts and projections.
  • “Guiding Millennials through Leadership” by Boris Yarborough, Director of Sales, Spring Bolt & Nut, sponsored by Young Fastener Professionals
  • “Stress in the Workplace” by Christine Hunt, RD, LD, Health Director,    Brighton-Best International, sponsored by Women in the Fastener Industry.
  • The speed networking event sponsored by Young Fastener Professionals
  • Welcome Party at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.



We had a chance to speak with Melissa Magestro Executive Vice President for Mack Brooks about the show:


FND: It’s great to be here at Fastener Fair USA, we’re here with Melissa Magestro of Mack Brook’s team to find out the scoop on Fastener Fair USA.

FFUSA: We’ve had a wonderful level of support and enthusiasm from the industry, like I have not experienced before in my 20 years’ experience in this business. We’ve been so pleased how the industry has received and looked to having a Fastener Fair event brought to the US market.


FND: We’ve heard so much about the many Fastener Fair shows in Europe especially Stuttgart.

FFUSA: What makes the Fastener Fair unique in the fastener exhibition world is that we are the only show for the full fastener supply chain. One of our marketing strategies is getting the engineer and end-user to the show floor. We saw about 10-12% of the show attendance was the end-user or engineer. We are pleased with that outcome for our first event. We’re looking to grow that number, and by going to Detroit in 2019 we’ll be able to effectively market ourselves to the automotive industry.


FND: How do you drive interest from both the industry and the supply chain?

FFUSA: We found some good media and association partnerships. These partners were able to help us get into those different marketplaces. We focused on some end-user engineer type things, we have a partnership with ASME, and we also worked with SAE International and their publications to get in front of their membership. We also attended their events. We also worked with a lot of the fastener associations on a regional and national level. It was really important for us to become a part of the industry and really understand the hot button issues. We learned a lot over the past year. We took becoming a part of the industry very seriously. Jessica Boweak, the exhibition manager did a great job developing relationships in the industry.


FND: How well was this new show model received by the industry?

FFUSA: We had a lot of conversations at other industry events in particular with distributors who were concerned that we would be inviting the end-user on to the show floor and what was that going to look like, how would that effect their business. There was some push back there because this show model is new to the US market. Mack Brooks has been providing this model around the world for many years with much success. Coming to the US market is new, a change and can be a challenge for some people. We have been really pleased with the feedback I’ve gotten today even from some of the companies that were a little concerned. They are saying they’re talking with the right people, seeing the right people and they are making good connections here.


FND: It was announced this morning that Fastener Fair USA will take place in Detroit next year? Can you tell us about why Detroit was the next city was chosen?

FFUSA: Our focus is in manufacturing communities, the Midwest is going to be our home. Going into a new marketplace will allow us to grow our base with new attendees and exhibitors.


FND: How do you stay up-to-date with the US market?

FFUSA: We look to the experts in the fastener industry, the forecast of the future, what the tariffs will do to the industry.  We rely on the industry and have an advisory board for the show going forward of about 10-15 key industry leaders that will help us to develop the strategic direction of the event to keep it growing and keep it vibrant while addressing challenges todays’ business owner is facing.


FND: What is one thing that you’ve learned over the past year about our industry?

FFUSA: The one thing that we learned pretty quickly when we decided to launch this event was how important personal relationships are with the industry. Nothing got our message across like going to the North Coast Fastener Association event, the Midwest Fastener Association Event, or networking at the Vegas Show. Nothing was as impactful as those face to face conversations with people, so we quickly realized that it’s all about the relationships in the industry. The old saying that you buy from the people you know or that you trust is true in this industry. We actually plan to be part of more industry events in the coming year and continue to build those relationships, it is critical for our success.

On the first night buses started taking attendees over to the welcome reception at the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame. Mack Brooks showed everyone attending a great time including drinks, food and great music. The band was fastener industry related as the bass player Tim Vath is in the band called Radiate Live that treated us all too some great tunes. Another great part of the evening was getting to mingle with fastener friends from around the country and world! All attendees were given full access to the hall of fame.

“Connecting and collaborating with other professionals in the industry is so important,” said Jessica Boweak, Exhibition Manager for Fastener Fair USA. “We were thrilled to be able to welcome Fastener Fair USA visitors with such a unique and fun venue. The feedback we received all night was very positive.”


For information about Fastener Fair USA or to learn more about exhibiting at the show in the future, contact Show Management at fastenerfairusa@mackbrooks.com or 866-899-4728.

About Mack Brooks

Fastener Fair USA is organized by Mack Brooks Inc., a subsidiary of the Mack Brooks Exhibition Group based in St. Albans, UK, which has branches and partner companies in France, Greece, Italy, Poland, Russia, India, China and the USA. The Mack Brooks Exhibitions Group has been organizing industrial trade fairs around the world for almost 50 years. As a privately-owned, independent and professional show organizer, the company organizes a program of highly specialized trade exhibitions throughout Europe, Asia and the Americas, in the fields of engineering, transport, metalworking, information technology, textiles, food and beverages, railways, construction, tunneling, printing, converting, airport management, and aviation. The Group also publishes related directories, magazines, sector reports and Internet sites. Visit Mack Brooks Exhibitions at www.mackbrooks.com.


Statistics from Fastener Fair USA as provided by show management: 

•       255 exhibitors

•       28,500 sold sq. ft.

•       Over 2000 Registrants

•       Top 5 US attendee states:  Ohio- 46%, Michigan, Illinois, PA, CA

•       Over 26 international countries represented

•       Over 700 attended the Rock Hof Party

       Great turn out to the Education and Keynote panel


Top industries represented:

•       Aerospace, Automotive, Agricultural/Off-Highway

•       Civil Engineering

•       Construction

•       Distribution

•       Maintenance Repair

•       Electronics

•       Energy

•       Hardware/Furniture








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