For Immediate Release: September 2018

Most of us were not around in September of 1948 when Martin (Marty) R. Binder incorporated and opened the doors of Abbott-Interfast Corp. to the fastener & OEM community.  This year we are celebrating our 70th year of providing solutions for not only for fasteners but a variety of products second to none.  Over the years, Abbott has secured over 25 patents.  Best known to distributors for yellow nylon insert locknuts, in 2017 Abbott began a marketing campaign to market other available products and services.  In 2018, we revamped our website, to highlight all the solutions we can provide.

Our many years of experience is the foundation of our diversity.  Over the last 70 years, Abbott has provided innovation, global sourcing, screw machine specials, plastic knobs, inventory management, assembly, and many more products where we have partners or alliances both domestically and overseas.  One such example, The Nationwide Fastener Directory ™ was born 46 years ago, a byproduct of the fastener industry, and quickly became the industries “go to” source for hard to find items.  The Nationwide still thrives today, has recently re-invented itself and is now available online at  Our newest improvements include improved search tools and a “virtual book” for those traditionalists who still like to use the 2-volume directory.

Made in the USA – Martin Binder strongly believed in manufacturing and it is still a big part of our business.  Richard Binder continued this belief as Abbott became one of the first ESNA licensees to manufacture domestic nylon insert locknuts.  Within our 100,000 square foot family owned facility, we continue to manufacture daily.  There is no better source than a company who can not only procure product at the most competitive pricing, but one that can also make it in house when something unseen happens affecting lead times.  Recently has begun the process of adding modern day machining with the addition of CNC machines. 

The screw that works like a Tool !™  SplitStop™ fasteners is another innovative product created by Abbott, with 4 patents on high performance screws originally designed to solve OEM issues encountered while driving screws into wood, composite or engineered decking products.  Today SplitStop provides the best screw fastening systems available and is available online at , in specialty lumber yards and as private labeled product packaged for some of the top composite manufacturers in the world today.

Our involvement in the industry is extensive as well. We attend or exhibit at most industry trade shows.   Marty Binder was one of the few originators of the Chicago Bolt, Nut and Screw Association now known as the Mid-West Fastener Association and served as one of the early Presidents.  Richard Binder served as and MWFA President as well.  Abbott is one of the very few members to have exhibited at every MWFA trade show, has had 3 employees serve as Presidents for the MWFA, and currently has staff serving on the Fastener Industry Coalition.

As we begin our next 70 years, Abbott continues to re-invent itself with additions and like the latest inspection optical equipment, additional CNC machines, an upgraded website, an upgrade computer system, and planned enhancements such as wireless warehousing, bar coding, and of course our continued marketing campaign so we no longer need to say, Did you know ?


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