The B2B economy is fast converting to ecommerce transactions that are preferred by B2B buyers, and a new study reveals which of the country’s distributors and wholesalers are powering the ecommerce wave and leaving laggards in their wake.
According to the 2019 B2B Distributor 300, a just-released research report from Digital Commerce 360, the ecommerce transformation of B2B distribution is picking up speed. U.S. distributors grew sales from their web sites and the online marketplaces they participate in by 11% to $712.8 billion last year, expanding the online segment of the B2B distribution market to 12%, up from 10.9% a year earlier.

But the transformation is anything but even across distribution markets. The 92-page 2019 B2B Distributor 300 shows clearly that a huge chasm exists among B2B distributors between the ecommerce leaders and laggards. Of the 300 B2B distributors in the study, only 20% get more than a quarter of sales from the web and fully one-third have no ecommerce sales.

The 300 distributors studied in the report are a representative sampling of large, mid-sized and smaller businesses grouped in seven key B2B markets, which allows readers to identify the ecommerce leaders and followers in like distribution markets. The 2019 B2B Distributor 300 report contains the most comprehensive data and analysis to date on ecommerce performance of American B2B distributors, including:

• The online percentage of total sales of each of 300 representative B2B distributors
• The B2B ecommerce leaders and followers in seven markets—automotive, electrical and electronics, food and beverage, office       supplies, janitorial/sanitary supplies, medical/dental, and MRO/Industrial
• A detailed overview of B2B ecommerce development in U.S. distribution, including a dozen charts detailing key trends
• How the B2B Distributor 300 compare on ecommerce in 16 primary product categories
• Case studies showing best practices of top ecommerce performers in distribution and wholesale, including Tech Deck, W.W.         Grainger, MCS Industrial Supply, Cardinal Health and others
• The 2019 B2B Distributor 300 Report can be downloaded as a PDF now for just $299 or purchased as part of our Digital     Commerce 360 Gold Membership, which provides deep discounts when all 30 ecommerce research reports are purchased as a     package


  • Exclusive data on how 300 distributors of varying size in six key industries compare on their range of online B2B sales as a percent of 2018 total sales
  • 12 + charts detailing key trends in U.S. distributor B2B ecommerce
  • 9 case studies of how manufacturers are investing to improve their B2B websites, overcome internal obstacles to ecommerce, and boost online sales.
  • Analysis of the state of U.S. distributor B2B ecommerce and key trends.
  • How the B2B Manufacturer 300 compare in primary product categories
  • B2B ecommerce best practices and growth trends from manufacturers including Tech Deck, W.W. Grainger, MCS Industrial Supply, Cardinal Health and others

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