Alcoa HUCK Magna-Lok


Alcoa Fastening Systems & Rings’ new Huck® Magna-Lok® structural blind fastener with high shear and tensile strengths with increased resistance to joint failure that allows for the user to install fewer fasteners, decreasing inventory, production time and weight.

With extremely high shear (44.4Kn) and tensile (31.1Kn) strengths, plus high resistance to joint failure, the 12.7mm Magna-Lok® fastener offers 60% and 57% respective increases in shear and tensile strengths when compared to its predecessor, the R12 9.5mm fastener. The higher strength capability provides the user with the option of installing fewer fasteners per application, thus facilitating a reduced inventory, faster production times and potentially resulting in lighter weight products.

In addition to its high strength, the 12.7mm Magna-Lok has all of the features of the standard Magna-Lok® blind fastener, including a wide grip range to accommodate large variations in joint thickness; and 360° internal locking technology that enables the pin to be mechanically locked to the sleeve. Its expansion during installation also provides excellent joint tightness and high-quality resistance to liquid penetration.


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