Beacon Fasteners and ComponentsBeacon Fasteners and Components is expanding their thread forming line again by stocking High Salt Spray Full Trilobe Thread Forming Screws! Parts are steel-zinc RoHS with a high salt spray plating of 96 hours to white rust and 120 hours to red rust. Beacon is excited to offer a variety of drives, head styles, and sizes complete off the shelf in bulk and small volume quantities.

Kameron Dorsey, National Sales Manager commented, “We recognize that our customers need Thread Forming screws to meet higher salt spray requirements and available in lower volume quantities. With this new product addition, our customers can rely on Beacon to save them time and costs associated with secondary processing. This is just another way Beacon is able to streamline the procurement process to help customers be more efficient.”

Beacon prides itself on providing quality products and exceptional value-added service for their customers. In addition to complete in-house dimensional inspections, each lot is performance tested based on four critical ASME specifications: Drive, Ductility, Torsional Strength, and Hydrogen Embrittlement.

Beacon is the leading supplier of quality driven high performance screws focusing on Thread Forming, DIN 7500 Metric Thread Forming, Thread Cutting, SEMS, High-Low Tapping Screws and complimentary

sizes of Sheet Metal Tapping, and Specialty Cold Headed Fasteners.

Beacon Fasteners and Components is located at 198 W Carpenter Avenue in Wheeling, Illinois. To place an order or request a quote, call Beacon’s sales team at 1-800-669-2658 or 847-353-2000. You can also email your order to or fax to 847-541-1789. Their entire catalog is available online at

Buy From Beacon. A Quality Driven Company Forming the Future.

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