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Investing in the next generation: A bottom-up approach to creating better outcomes for children and youth

The American dream is built on the promise of upward social mobility. In the middle of the 20th century, rates of upward mobility improved across the socioeconomic spectrum. But over the course of the past 30 years, the vast majority of our population has seen mobility rates stagnate.[1] For too many, the American dream has stalled.    Restoring higher levels of social mobility will be among the most important political, social, and economic challenges of our time. Already, we’ve witnessed how frustration over this stagnation can destabilize our national institutions and divide our society. The longer we wait to address...

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Tens Of Thousands More Women And Minorities Are Taking Computer Science

  NPR Lead Blogger, Education | Anya Kamenetz U.S. high schools got a high-tech update this past school year. Not by federal fiat or by state law, but largely at the hand of independent nonprofits, including one founded by twin brothers less than five years ago. The College Board last fall introduced a new course and exam called AP Computer Science Principles. Eight years in the planning, it was the largest such course launch in history. While the existing AP Computer Science course focuses on the Java programming language, the new course is billed as a creative exploration of real-world...

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Denver’s Project DIY Increases Knowledge of Advanced Manufacturing Careers

From June 5 – 9, 2017, the Community College of Denver (CCD) Advanced Manufacturing Center (AMC) hosted their second week-long camp for high school girls, giving them the opportunity to learn hands on about advanced manufacturing, including machining, welding, architecture, and engineering graphics/3D printing. The camp was sponsored by The Women’s Foundation of Colorado, Denver Public School’s CareerConnect, and the Soeurs de Coeur Fund. CCD’s Advanced Manufacturing Center is a state-of-the-art 33,280-square-foot facility offering degree and certificate programs in machining and welding. CCD also offers continuing education courses for CNC machinists, welding certifications, and wire EDM training allowing for...

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Career-Focused Schools Use Technology to Help Students Advance

In the past, students in Steve Elza’s automotive classes at William Fremd High School in Palatine, Ill., had to take turns using a diagnostic scanning tool that cost the school up to $8,000. Today, the teens use an inexpensive device that connects via Bluetooth to the ­tablets they all carry. “Today’s cars have 100 or more computers in them,” says Elza. “We have to have computers to work on them.” That’s just one of the ways technology is transforming automotive education at Fremd. When the district deployed tablets, students in career and technical tracks were among the most enthusiastic...

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Here are the 2017 Young Scientist Challenge Finalists and State Merit Winners!

Students, grades 5-8, have been invited to create a 1-2 minute video describing a new, innovating solution that could solve an everyday problem. Finalists are chosen based on their passion for science, their love of innovation, and their ability to effectively communicate. Thousands of students nationwide participate and the winners have great accomplishments and opportunities that come their way, including speaking in front of Congress, working with the nation’s top scientists, and being exemplary professionals in the science field.  The 2017 Young Scientist Challenge Finalists and State Merit Winners have been announced! Click HERE to see the honorees. ...

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Why Aren’t There More Wonder Women in STEM?

Diana Prince (Wonder Woman) states, “It is our sacred duty to defend the world. And it is what I am going to do,” and though we are not all unconquerable warriors “blessed by the gods” on the battlefield, the work of women in science is indeed defending and protecting the world for people, animals and the environment. Though the original comics produced extremely problematic stereotypes, the film franchise envisions a Wonder Woman more truly emblematic of feminist ideals and is an encouraging example of women in front of and behind the scenes (Director Patty Jenkins broke box office records...

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Detroit Students Make Mark in National STEM Contest

Alia Cummings huddled over a tangle of metal and wires, carefully unscrewing a tiny computer chip from a half-finished robot in a high school classroom. “It’s like surgery,” said the 16-year-old, flashing a quick smile before transferring the machine’s “brain” to an adjacent project on the table. Several other girls stood ready with tools of their own. Cummings is a sophomore at Detroit Edison Public School Academy, where a team of 20 students in recent weeks built a sophisticated robot and programmed an app geared toward environmental conservation. Six team members this month took their projects to Houston for...

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1 Surprising Fact About Picking a Great Mentor, According to a New Scientific Study

A recent scientific study, motivated by the need for mentors for women studying STEMfields, took aim at what you’re looking for in a great mentor. Along the way, it also discovered some surprising takeaways about avoiding mentors that won’t help you be a rising star. Dr. Nilanjana Dasgupta from the University of Massachusetts and her graduate student Tara Dennehy conducted a detailed, multi-year study on the effects of mentorship. Dasgupta’s particular area of research focuses on diversity in the hiring, retention, and success of employees from underrepresented groups. In this study, 150 women studying engineering were assigned to have...

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Make Code Your Superpower

Superpowers come in all shapes and sizes. Discover a new superpower with code. Get started coding with Made With Code. See how with these resources below.  PROJECTS Design a ZAC Zac Posen dress that turns heads and lights up the fashion world. Start Styling  MENTORS Cleaning up their neighborhood. One graffiti tag at a time. THE CODING SCENE Check out some of the things we’ve been up to and find out how to host your own coding party IRL. See Community READY FOR MORE? This is the tip of the coding iceberg. Learn more about partner projects and coding events....

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How Women Mentors Make a Difference in Engineering

How many brilliant minds have been lost from engineering and other STEM disciplines because those disciplines didn’t create spaces for them? In a year-long study looking at the value of mentorship showed that female engineering undergraduates who are paired with a female mentor felt more motivated. They also felt a further sense of self assurance and a decrease in anxiety. They were less likely to drop out of their classes and felt more confident in engineering as a career choice post graduation. Those who had male mentors, they had the opposite results.    Good mentors inoculate the mind against common negative...

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Op-Ed: Football Can Inspire Future STEAM Leaders

Football and STEAM education might not seem like a logical tandem on the surface. Through deeper exploration, we discover these seemingly opposite activities are a complementary match in inspiring young people to explore new subjects and further define their passions, futures and career opportunities. The game of football is influenced by fundamental principles of science and incorporates subjects from physics to geometry to material science. Applying these concepts can be the ultimate common denominator for kids entering a formal or informal learning environment with questions about why STEAM matters, why it’s relevant or why it’s cool. Solving for that...

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Google Grant Helps Detroit-Area Students on Path to STEM Careers

The MEZ, a STEM collaboration, aims at getting students interested in pursuing STEM careers. Google grant will increase students to 500 each season. DETROIT – A $250,000 grant from Google will provide more Detroit-area high school students with hands-on science and engineering after-school programs at the Michigan Engineering Zone, located at 3663 Woodward Ave. The MEZ, a collaboration between the University of Michigan College of Engineering, Detroit Public Schools and FIRST Robotics, aims at getting hundreds of students interested in pursuing careers in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) fields. As demand for the use of the MEZ grows,...

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Closing the Science Gender Gap: We Need to Increase the Public Presence of Women in STEM by Dr. Megan Sebben, CDM Smith

by Dr. Megan Sebben, CDM Smith I wasn’t one of those kids who knew what they wanted to do when they grew up. In fact, at 28, I’m still not exactly sure what I want to do.  I’ve always had a passion for solving problems; particularly small ones like saving the planet (it’s a work in progress). Fast track a couple of decades and I’ve somehow completed a PhD in Hydrogeology and am working as a hydrogeologist/ groundwater modeller at the water and environmental services firm, CDM Smith. Like many women working in the science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM)...

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It Shoots, It Scores! The FIRST Robotics Competition Inspires The Next Generation Of Engineers

By day, Doug Wildes is a physicist with GE Global Research. But he also mentors robotics students from Shenendehowa High School in Clifton Park, New York. Coach Doug Wildes knows that no matter how hard you train, sometimes the difference between winning and losing comes down to a toss of the ball. Even when it’s a robot doing the tossing. That was the case at this year’s annual FIRST Robotics Competition. Wildes, who doubles as a physicist at GE Global Research in Niskayuna, New York, has been mentoring a 100-strong team of students from Shenendehowa High School in nearby...

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Deloitte Foundation Supports Base 11 to Create National STEM Career Accelerator Model

WASHINGTON, April 27, 2017 — The Deloitte Foundation announced a grant to Base 11 that will help create a nationally scalable STEM career accelerator model. The model will offer high school students a project-based learning program that encompasses multiple engineering disciplines. The objective of the program is to encourage students who have an inherent interest in STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) to pursue a college degree in one of those fields and help alleviate the STEM workforce shortage. Research shows that experiential learning helps retain students’ interest in the STEM fields that are the gateway to STEM degrees...

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New Trump Laws Will Support Women in STEM Fields

President Donald Trump has signed two bills aimed at increasing the number of women who pursue entrepreneurial endeavors and space-related STEM careers. “Currently, only 1 in every 4 women who gets a STEM degree is working in a STEM job, which is not fair and it’s not even smart for the people that aren’t taking advantage of it,” Trump said in remarks during the signing. “It’s unacceptable that we have so many American women who have these degrees but yet are not being employed in these fields. So I think that’s going to change. That’s going to change very rapidly.” The Promoting...

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3M Young Innovators Challenge Inspires Original Thinking

The 3M Young Innovators Challenge has been created to inspire the next generation of original thinkers and encourage pupils to consider careers based on STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) subjects. The challenge has been run in the Loughborough, Leicestershire, area in partnership with the town’s local newspaper since 2013 and this year the contest has been extended to schools across the Bracknell Forest and Wokingham district in Berkshire, home to 3M’s head office in the UK. During the week, more than 130 students from 13 primary and secondary schools will be presenting their entries for judging in four Young Innovators...

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Engineering is Elementary Founder Christine Cunningham Speaks on K-12 Engineering Curriculum, Equal Access to STEM Education

“Learning doesn’t stop when the school bell rings or when the school vacation begins, so we’re really excited that here we can work with students, with teachers, and with their families to create an ecosystem of learning where everybody is constantly thinking about how science and engineering constantly intersect with their lives.” -Christine Cunningham, Founder of Engineering is Elementary   In 2003, engineering for elementary education was a radical concept. But Christine Cunningham, an expert in engineering education, knew that the fundamentals of engineering can be taught at an early age—on the playground, in the classroom, or even at...

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SME’s PRIME and NASA’s HUNCH Partner to Engage Youth Through Hands-On Training in Advanced Manufacturing

  NASA’s HUNCH and SME’s PRIME are preparing to close the skills gap by developing youth into America’s future manufacturing workforce. Schools are finally catching on to the looming skills gap and taking the first step to showing students the opportunities in advanced manufacturing. While SME has been a powerful force in making this possible for years, they have recently partnered with NASA’s HUNCH to help draw students from high school towards manufacturing. HUNCH (High School Students United with NASA to Create Hardware) is an innovative educational initiative which gives High School students the opportunity to create hardware with the help of NASA. Materials, equipment,...

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The Pioneer: Mary Reynolds Helped Raise A Generation Of Engineers

Mary Reynolds stood on the train platform and waved her parents goodbye. It was 1946, and the 20-year-old was trading the red dirt of Oklahoma for the frigid winters of Schenectady, New York, and an engineering job at GE. But Reynolds liked it cold. Having suffered through Stillwater, Oklahoma’s sweltering summers, she was obsessed with the idea of air conditioning — so much so that it inspired her to study mechanical engineering in college. In 1943, female peers at Oklahoma Agricultural and Mechanical College were few and far between. “It was war time,” says Reynolds, 90, from her home in...

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Data Analytics, Blended Learning Methods Make Sure Students Are College Ready

In a report meant to explain why so many Tennessee high school graduates were struggling in college, it was revealed that a third of 2015 Tennessee students graduated without earning the necessary credits. The students had earned the correct number of credits, they just weren’t the right credits — namely those from foreign language or social studies courses — NPR reports. “In 28 percent of Tennessee high schools, fewer than half of graduates met the state’s requirements,” reads the NPR article. “These were often smaller schools that, while they offered all the necessary courses, are less able to provide the structure, oversight...

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Are Teachers K-12’s Greatest Untapped Innovation Engines?

In a panel at last week’s SXSWedu, moderated by The Teacher’s Guild Director Molly McMahon, a trio of two Texas K-12 administrators and a district teacher of the year from Georgia discussed the benefits of letting teachers drive innovation. Spring Branch Independent School District Associate Superintendent Elliott Witney, El Paso Independent School District Superintendent Juan Cabrera, and Gwinnett County Public Schools Teacher of the Year Valerie Lewis have all seen firsthand how schools and districts can transform when teachers are given more input and agency. But what exactly is innovation in this context? According to the panelists’ responses, it is “something...

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140 attend YSU Women in STEM Workshop

YOUNGSTOWN — As Dashana Brown closely watched a test tube filled with a hydrogenated green pea mixture, her eyes lit up as she could see strings of DNA material that could be analyzed. Brown, 12, a student at Lincoln PK-8 School in Warren, was one of more than 140 students attending Youngstown State University’s 20th annual Edward W. Powers Women in STEM Workshop and Lecture Series. “Coming here has opened my eyes to careers I did not think or know about,” Brown said. “I would not have thought about forensics.” Click Here to Read the Full...

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University STEM Services Program Connects Students to Employers

A few weeks ago we attended the Youngstown State University (YSU) STEM Career Fair and had an opportunity to speak to many of the companies. What we found is that career fairs are extremely important to attend, both for companies and for students. Not just because they are an opportunity to hand out a resume, but they’re also an opportunity to close the skills gap. These face to face interactions can show students the opportunities that are available. Additionally, companies can offer them career advice for the real world.  The glue that brings these students and companies together are...

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Beyond the Classroom: The Benefits of Attending Career Fairs to Advance the STEM Workforce

It’s 11am on the Youngstown State University (YSU) campus in Youngstown, Ohio and the sun is shining. Inside of Kilcawley Center, hundreds of tables are set with posters, flyers, pens, candy, stress balls in the shape of construction hat, and bold signs with company names and empowering images. It’s Career Day and the large room is fairly silent as the companies and YSU employees prepare for a few hundred students around noon. Near the entrance is a large booth with three men in business casual clothing and logos on their shirts that read “Ajax Tocco Magnethermic”.  Ajax Tocco Magnethermic designs...

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Why Robotics is Great for Technology Education

Whether we speak about parent or school education, lots of things have changed over the past few years due to technology progresses. Education is a great challenge for years to come. New technologies are everywhere, and while society is slowly adapting to them, we also need to make education better to handle those technologies. Robotics is a great way to provide children and students a more efficient technological education. Well, in fact, any people with any age can learn technology through robotics!   Click Here to Read the Full...

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The Best Places for Pay in STEM Jobs – 2017 Edition

Employment growth among jobs in the STEM field varies widely. According to the Department for Professional Employees, the number of job opportunities for aerospace engineers increased by 53% between 2005 and 2015. Within the same period, the number of jobs for biologists and computer programmers fell by 28% and 17.4%, respectively. Pay within the STEM field also varies by occupation as well as location. For the third year in a row, SmartAsset ranked the top metro areas for pay among STEM professionals. Data & Methodology  To find the best places for pay in STEM, SmartAsset collected 2015 data (the most...

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Men in Lab Coats? 12 Kickbutt STEM Women Who Smash Stereotypes

Did you know, only 30% of the world’s researchers are women? Women also hold less than 25% of US STEM jobs. Everywhere you look, women in STEM are falling behind. Everywhere, young male scientists are recipients of up to twice as much funding as their female counterparts in Boston’s biomedical research institutions. Listen to this: one newer survey found that 67% of Europeans and 93% of Chinese respondents don’t have the skills to successfully do science. Tim Hunt, Nobel Prize-winning biochemist, believes women are the cause of “trouble” in labs. Photographer Bret Hartman took an amazing portrait of 12 women smashing all STEM stereotypes at the TED Fellows Retreat in...

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New Report Examines Role of Engineering Technology, Calls for Increased Awareness

While workers in the engineering technology (ET) field play an important role in supporting U.S. technical infrastructure and the country’s capacity for innovation, there is little awareness of ET as a field of study or category of employment in the U.S., says a new report from the National Academy of Engineering. There are numerous similarities between traditional engineering and engineering technology. Though, in comparison, if engineers are viewed as being responsible for designing the nation’s technological systems, engineering technicians and technologists are those who help build and keep those systems running. In 2014, there were nearly 94,000 four-year engineering degrees, nearly 18,000...

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Engineering The Future: GE’s Goal To Bridge The STEM Gender Gap By 2020

Without more women in technology and manufacturing, General Electric (GE) expects the skills gap to continually widen. As a result they’ve decided to take action to keep that from happening. GE believes a widening skills gap will impact productivity and negatively influence the innovation potential for new technologies to transform manufacturing. The company plans to have 20,000 women to fill STEM roles at GE by 2020. The program will significantly increase the representation of women in its engineering, manufacturing, IT and product management roles. Their goal is to obtain 50:50 representation for all technical entry-level programs. ­ In a recently...

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Boeing Engineers Create STEM Activities to Challenge and Inspire Students

CHICAGO, Jan. 26, 2017 /PRNewswire/ — Looking for fun classroom activities with a STEM focus? Boeing [NYSE:BA], Iridescent’s Curiosity Machine, PBS Learning Media and the Teaching Channel have produced a collection of educational materials and tutorials that children can use to engineer an airfoil, find alternative energy sources and design their own satellite, among dozens of other activities. The activities are intended to develop skills such as the ability to think critically, collaborate and communicate effectively. Boeing engineers worked side-by-side with its partners to develop lesson plans, documentaries and hands-on activities that break down complicated concepts into easy-to-digest resources....

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STEM Education Needs More Involved Professionals

One of the biggest challenges for manufacturers is finding employees. Sometimes it’s a matter of awareness of opportunities within the careers that manufacturing offers. Awareness involves both connecting to students and inviting them to take part in companies. STEM (science, technology, engineering, math) education is rewarding, students need employers and professionals to show them how rewarding it can be. Internships In Massachusetts, Lt. Gov. Karyn Polito met with leaders from local government, education and industry to recruit more of those employers to host interns in the STEM. “Today’s discussion is really about talent,” said David Cruise, president of the Hampden County Regional Employment Board. “Talent...

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STEM 101: Intro to Tomorrow’s Jobs

“The future of the economy is in STEM,” says James Brown, the executive director of the STEM Education Coalition in Washington, D.C.“That’s where the jobs of tomorrow will be.”   Data from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) support that assertion. Employment in occupations related to STEM—science, technology, engineering, and mathematics—is projected to grow to more than 9 million between 2012 and 2022. That’s an increase of about 1 million jobs over 2012 employment levels. This article provides an overview of STEM work, analyzing nearly 100 occupa- tions from a list created by a committee comprising several federal...

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Be Part of Global Day of the Engineer – Take the Pledge

Take the pledge to:  • Celebrate engineers. • Engage students in engineering. • Share an engineering innovation. Examples of amazing engineering feats are everywhere. Share these with the world during Discover E’s Global Day of the Engineer, taking place this April 5! There are many ways to celebrate engineering. It all starts with you and what makes sense in your community or workplace. Whether it’s gathering for coffee to discuss all of the ways engineering has improved our quality of life, organizing a gathering, or setting up a display at a library, you can inspire an appreciation of engineering. Encourage the next...

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Academic Program Offers Engineering Students CAE Simulation Over the Cloud

The SimScale Academy is a learning platform for engineering students which offers offering online courses and tutorials about engineering simulation. Two courses are currently available: a Biomedical Engineering Workshop and a CFD Master Class. More courses are planned to be added within the upcoming year. The ability for students to access industry-standard software is important not only for their education, but it also ensures they have the necessary skills to enter the engineering workforce in the future. An addition to the available student free software options is the SimScale Academic Program. This offering builds on SimScale’s existing community, and makes it easier for engineering students and academic...

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Discovery Education 3M Young Scientist Challenge

The Discovery Education 3M Young Scientist Challenge is the nation’s premier science competition for grades 5-8. This one-of-a-kind video competition has sparked the imaginations of hundreds of thousands of students and enhanced science exploration, innovation and communication across the United States. When first launched by Discovery Communications in 1999, the Young Scientist Challenge had the same mission it does today: to foster a new generation of American scientists at an age when interest in science generally declines. In 2008, Discovery Education joined forces with 3M – one of the world’s most notable innovators – to cultivate the next generation...

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Misguided Education and Public Misconceptions Impact STEM Workforce

In recent decades, the labor market has experienced a dramatic shift, and it’s not just the iPhone 7. Advances in technology and innovation have been on the rise, but the U.S. has failed to adapt accordingly. Due to a misguided education system and public misconceptions, the science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) fields labor market is suffering. Positions continue to remain unfilled and U.S. manufacturing is suffering. The Carl D. Perkins Career and Technical Education Act funding has been put on delay which will only amplify the economic and workforce problems. With such a setback, more manufacturing companies across...

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School Funding is Critical to STEM Education for a Variety of Reasons

Why is school funding critical for science, technology, engineering and mathematics? Boone High School Principal Kris Byam says it’s not simply about staff salaries. As the Iowa Legislature prepares for its 2017 session, which opens Jan. 9, the annual battle over school funding looks like it might take a different turn than it did in the past few years as Republicans gained the majority in the state Senate. However, not all of the discussions about funding will center solely on general funding, which is spent by each district primarily on teacher salaries.   Byam, who serves on the National...

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Girl Scouts Introduce Digital Cookie

  With the Digital Cookie™ platform, the Girl Scout Cookie Program you know and love is better than ever. Fun, easy-to-use tools help you superpower your sale and go beyond the booth with online and mobile channels that make it easy for cookie fans near and far to support your sale and ultimately—your success. That’s more ways to participate, more ways to sell, more ways to buy and more ways to learn—nice! And guess what? Girls who used the platform in addition to traditional sales, sold more cookies and reached their goals faster—so amazing. Plus, on your very own...

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Engineer Lydia Bussiere: Focused on Contributing to a Better, Healthier World

Lydia Bussiere’s career goal is to apply engineering knowledge and contribute to a better, healthier world. She is an engineer, and especially interested in green energy and sustainable technologies. Armed with a potent combination of personal interest and education, this Smith College alumna has a promising career ahead. Lydia graduated from Smith in 2012 with a Bachelor of Science degree in Engineering Science. She is now employed as a Service Engineering Project Manager for a fuel cell manufacturer.  Fuel cells produce electricity resulting from a chemical reaction, and are considered a form of green energy. Other types of green...

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How Finland is Solving the Gender Gap in Science Education – and What We Can All Learn from It

Finland is the only country in the world where more girls perform better at science than boys. The experts offer insight into what other countries can learn from Finland. If you care about increasing the number of women who pursue scientific careers, you need to read up on an important news item from last week. The PISA (Programme for International Student Assessment) test, which the OECD administers to 15-year-olds globally every three years, shows that Finland is the only country in the world where girls not only score higher in science than boys, but also has more girls than boys who are top performers. Albania,...

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‘We have 20th Century Teachers Educating 21st Century Students’

The flipped classroom; maker movement; project-based learning; blended learning; student-centered learning; hour of code; collaboration; direct instruction; and lecture: there are passionate teachers advocating each of these methods as the best way for kids to learn. I am sure there are others I have not mentioned. Each of these methods to teach can be effective with many groups of students. The burning question should be, however, which is the best way to affect the greatest education reform? The focus for change in education seems to be in finding a way to best teach our students. The focus is targeting student learning....

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5 Great Tech And Engineering Internships For 2017

If you are in search of a fantastic internship in the tech and engineering world, you may want to look into what’s on offer from companies like Boeing. The aerospace giant is planning to take on many new interns in categories like IT and engineering and business, in the United States and abroad. The organization’s program, among others, was listed seventh on a roster of top opportunities for tech and engineering-focused internship-seekers by, a career information hub that ranks companies and institutions as places to forge a career.   Click Here to Read the Full...

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Four New Elements Officially Added to Periodic Table

The periodic table is getting a little bigger after scientists added the names of four new elements, completing the seventh row of the chart. The options could have included mythological characters or minerals, but the International Union of Pure and Applied Chemistry settled on names based on the locations where elements were discovered or researchers who helped find them. The elements are: • 113 Nihonium (Nh), named by the RIKEN Nishina Center for Accelerator-Based Science in Japan. Nihon means Japan or literally “the Land of Rising Sun,” in Japanese. The element is the first discovered in and named after an Asian country. •...

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Study: Inclusive Environment Key to Closing STEM Gap

In order to tighten the gender gap in certain male-dominated science, technology, engineering and math fields, educators must develop a more inviting culture, according to a study published in the October issue of Psychological Bulletin. The study, “Why Are Some STEM Fields More Gender Balanced Than Others?” draws on previous works on STEM gender gaps to account for the specific gap in computer science, engineering and physics fields. The study’s authors, University of Washington’s Sapna Cheryan, Lily Jiang and Sianna Ziegler and Ohio State’s Amanda Montoya, knew that more boys preferred these fields than girls, but wanted to understand why. Previous research, they say,...

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Charlotte College, Other Universities Receive $1.7M to Develop New Manufacturing Methods

Several universities have received funding to expand research in various areas, including news methods of manufacturing.  The University of North Carolina General Administration has awarded grants totaling $1.7 million to colleges including UNC Charlotte to support faculty research in areas of strategic importance to the state, including new manufacturing methods. Faculty teams from UNCC along with N.C. A&T State University in Greensboro, Appalachian State University, N.C. State University, and UNC Chapel Hill will use the awards from the UNC Research Opportunities Initiative (ROI) to advance projects focused on developing new metal-based manufacturing methods, applying state-of-the-art technologies to promote economic development statewide, improving electricity...

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Teaching Computational Thinking Is the First Step to Bridging STEM Skills Gap

Educators already instill in their students many concepts of computer science, now that extra mile in computational thinking can close the STEM skills gap. Demystifying computer science to address the lack of inclusion of women and minorities in the field has been the mission of educators and school administrators over the past few years. The College Board created an AP class to teach deconstructed principles of computer science. Even President Obama weighed in. One proposed solution has been to start students down the path of computer science earlier. In EdTech: Focus on K12’s Fall 2016 issue, Vince Bertram, the CEO of Project Lead the Way,...

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Foster Kindness and Compassion in the Classroom & Beyond

Bringing Kindness to the Classroom!  STEP 1: INSPIRE STEP 2: EMPOWER STEP 3: ACT STEP 4: SHARE Studies have shown kind, positive learning environments have a beneficial effect on students, leading them to do better on tests and learn at a faster rate. These students are also generally happier and healthier. Through practice and repetition, kindness can be taught and mastered. The Random Acts of Kindness Foundation has developed an evidence-based curriculum that is proven to improve sociality, empathy, and closer relationships. These new, free lessons and resources have been curated by Discovery Education curriculum experts to provide easy integration into every day...

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STEM Education Literally on the Move

General Electric is taking STEM education on a new journey. It believes its new mobile lab will excite young students and reduce the skills gap. Kelli List Wells is the Executive Director for Global Education and Skills at the General Electric (GE) Foundation. Her portfolio focuses on building education, skills, and training initiatives to prepare the next generation for the demands of the workforce and the changing labor economy both nationally and globally. Wells sat down with Machine Design to talk about GE’s new mobile lab. Wells’ hope is to spread STEM interest and education in Boston-area schools, and eventually the nation....

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Changing Lives, One Robot at a Time

The high-school robotics team had been working long nights to perfect a mechanism to launch a Frisbee through a target with frustrating results. Late one night they thought they finally had it and excitedly moved the robot to the school hallway to try a long-distance shot. The first shot floated down the long hallway and finally stopped about a hundred yards away as their cheers filled the hall! A team member ran to retrieve the Frisbee as the others made adjustments to improve the trajectory. No one had noticed the fire-safety exit sign right in the middle of the ceiling...

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How Are Organizations Training Effective STEM Teachers?

STEM teachers surveyed to uncover what methods are most effective in STEM education. The Annual Partner Survey from 100Kin10, the national network committed to training and retaining 100,000 excellent K-12 STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) teachers by 2021 has revealed some insight into how the leading K-12 STEM education organizations are training effective teachers to keep up with the increasingly prioritized movement. In total, the survey analyzed 242 programs offered by 157 unique partner organizations of 100Kin10 to find that incorporating new standards and emphasizing pedagogical content knowledge are the two top priorities for both preparing new teachers and developing existing ones (75.5...

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Cracking the Gender Code

Accenture and Girls Who Code came together to research the future of girls in the world of computing and what can be done about the gender code.  The gender gap in computing is getting worse and has severe implications for the U.S. economy and for the next generation of women. Women in the U.S. computing workforce will shrink from 24% to 22%in the next 10 years unless action is taken now. In 2015, there were 500,000 new computing jobs to be filled but fewer than 40,000 new computer science graduates. This shortage is a fundamental economic challenge for the U.S. economy and...

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Why Isn’t Science Class More Like Learning to Play Baseball?

Imagine if baseball was taught the way we teach science. Learning to play baseball doesn’t prepare you to be a baseball player — it makes you a baseball player.  How does mastery happen? For most of human history, learning in middle childhood meant apprenticeship, not school. Children learned to master skills informally inside the family, or outside the family, more formally and later. Most people were foragers or farmers, and foraging and farming children learned by helping out— they still do. Children also learned more specialized skills by becoming apprentices to master tradesmen and artisans. Preschoolers show some of the...

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The Talent Tipping Point: Why it’s Critical for Manufacturers to Embrace STEM

Talent. The concern around manufacturing talent began decades ago, when the post-WWII boom in U.S. manufacturing brought about a STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) skills shortage. Since then, the industry has only become more complicated. In fact, we have entered a new manufacturing skills era with two major trends running on parallel tracks. First, we are seeing aggressive pushes to upskill traditional line workers through a variety of ways with a greater emphasis on embracing digital manufacturing as automation relentlessly takes on human tasks that are repetitive, onerous and even dangerous. At the same time, manufacturers are in...

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3 Makers of World’s Smallest Machines Awarded Nobel Prize in Chemistry

Three pioneers in the development of nanomachines, made of moving molecules, were awarded the Nobel Prize in Chemistry on Wednesday. Molecular machines, the world’s smallest mechanical devices, may eventually be used to create new materials, sensors and energy storage systems, the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences said in announcing the prize. “In terms of development, the molecular motor is at the same stage as the electric motor was in the 1830s, when scientists displayed various spinning cranks and wheels, unaware that they would lead to electric trains, washing machines, fans and food processors,” the academy said. The three scientists — Jean-Pierre...

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Made with Code: Change the World

In 2015 the United Nations came together to make a list of Global Goals for the planet and now is our chance to get involved. Begin your coding journey by choosing issues that mean something to you and create the change. What would you do if you had the tools to make a difference? What would you do if you knew it’s possible for you to start right now? As more aspects of life are impacted by technology, there is a growing need for skilled people to understand and utilize everything the digital innovations have to offer. Still, many women are not present in the roles that...

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Let Grad Students Teach Science to Kids

If graduate students were given the opportunity to educate younger students in science, both the students and the graduates would come away with benefits.  It is no secret that the U.S. spends more money per K-12 pupil than most other countries, yet American students consistently rank in the middle of the pack against their peers. In the 2012 Program for International Student Assessment, measured against their counterparts in 34 developed nations, U.S. students ranked 27th in mathematics and 20th in science. Americans can and must do better if we want to maintain our edge in scientific research and technological innovation. We believe that a radically innovative approach...

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Combine Data Science Education with Curiosity and Business Savvy

There’s more to a good data scientist than just data science education. It takes curiosity, persistence, business savvy and a good working partnership with app developers. Colleges and universities worldwide are racing to implement new curriculums to fill the shortage of data scientists, granting master’s and doctorate degrees in data science. One of these schools is Worcester Polytechnic Institute, or WPI, an internationally renowned school of advanced engineering and technology founded in 1865 and located in Worcester, Mass.   Click Here to Read the Full...

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Girls Get Role Models for Women in Automotive Engineering

Women in Automotive Engineering, sponsored by Fiat Chrysler Automobiles (FCA), was conducted by Tech’s Center for Pre-college Outreach as part of the Summer Youth Program (SYP). Both women work for FCA, Shute is product investigations manager in vehicle safety and regulatory compliance and Hand works as a reactive problem solving master blackbelt instructor. While they were involved in all aspects of the week-long program, perhaps their most important role was to show the high-school women that a career in the male-dominated automotive industry is indeed possible.   Click Here for the Full...

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Is There a STEM Crisis or a STEM Surplus?

While the skills gap and workforce shortage are always a hot topic, is there really an issue? Might there be too much of a good thing? The mix of STEM occupations show this may and may not be true. Is the US facing a critical shortage of STEM skills? Do we have enough STEM workers to meet the demands of the labor market? Are enough young people choosing STEM careers so we can meet future demands? Such serious concerns have been expressed in a number of national studies over the past two decades. In 2005, for example, the National Innovation Initiative listed “Build the Base...

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Hot Topics for 2015 | STEM

The Christmas season, a joyous time of cheer, Christmas movies that have been passed along from generation to generation and reuniting with family and friends. Children everywhere looking forward to their presents under the tree. I’m sure you remember anticipating those gifts. What could it be? Perhaps it was a new doll, or a truck, mystery date, or your favorite album, just as long as it was not clothes. The traditional toys have been roughly the same for decades. However, there’s a new trend this Christmas: STEM toys, especially for girls. From skydiving action figures,  to engineering, to receiving a box of...

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Manny Awards

On May 12, 2015, Hudson Fasteners Executive Vice President Cris A. Young @CrisAYoung attended the Manny Awards in Cleveland, Ohio. The Manny Awards celebrate manufacturing excellence in Northeast Ohio, and included a panel discussion in addition to the awards ceremony. A big thank you to guest blogger Cris A. Young for sharing her experience at the Manny Awards with us: This year the 2015 Manny Awards were held at Corporate College at Cuyahoga Community College @TriCedu in Cleveland. Prior to the awards ceremony I attended the morning panel discussion, led by Jennifer Keirn, Managing Editor of Inside Business @IBMagazine, with panelists: Tracy Albers, PhD., President and...

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Women’s History Month 2015

Women’s History Month was established by the United States Congress in 1987, and actually began as Women’s History Week in 1981. It is a month that has been dedicated to honoring the contributions of amazing women today and throughout history. Throughout the year many organizations like the Women in the Fastener Industry, United States Women’s Chamber of Commerce, Women In Manufacturing,Women in Technology, Million Women Mentors, AAUW and more work tirelessly to promote success, opportunity and equality for women everywhere.   Women in the Fastener Industry Women in the Fastener Industry @fastenerwomen provide members with two scholarship opportunities that memorialize two very important women in the fastener industry  – the Ann Bisgyer Wolz Scholarship and the...

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Hot Topics 2014 – #STEM

STEM is the acronym for science, technology, engineering, and mathematics education. #STEM was a very important topic in 2014, as it affects every aspect of our lives. Careers in STEM fields are constantly growing, and successful professionals in these areas are essential to growth as a society. According to the Brookings Institute, STEM jobs make up 20% of all jobs in the U.S. The Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts that STEM jobs will increase 13% from now until 2022, a higher rate than all other careers. Not only will there be a greater number of careers in STEM, but the Bureau...

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Fastener Training and Educational Posters

Mike McGuire of American Fastener Journal is now offering a set of 48 Fastener Training and Educational Posters. The posters cover a wide range of subjects, from “Weight Conversions” to “Working With Your Heat Treater” and everything in between. As someone who has the posters hung around the office, I can tell you they are extremely useful resources. Professional and easy to understand, the posters are a helpful tool to anyone in the fastener industry. The graphics are thorough and well drawn, and the content is concise and to the point. Fastener News was lucky enough to discuss the posters...

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Publications as of October 2014

Fastener News Desk wants to keep you updated with all the latest issues of your favorite industry related publications! Below is an up-to-date collection of the current magazines that can be viewed online. If there are any publications you are looking for digitally that are not listed, please comment and let us know!   American Fastener Journal September/October 2014           Constructor Magazine September/October 2014             Distributor’s Link Summer 2014               Fastener + Fixing Issue 89 – September 2014             @FastenerNews      ...

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Upcoming Trade Shows

This week kicked off September, and with the new month comes a wide variety of trade shows and events across the globe. 3D Printing and manufacturing are hot topics right now, as well as innovation and sustainability. Fastener News Desk is here to keep you informed on upcoming shows with dates, locations, and even hashtags. Never miss an event and always be a part of the conversation by following Fastener News Desk!   3D Printshow       London, England September 4-6, 2014 Hashtags: #3DPrinting #3DPS   International Manufacturing Technology Show   September 8-13, 2014 Chicago, Illinois Hashtags: #IMTS #Chicago   Comfortech   September 10-12, 2014...

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Youngstown Business Incubator Named #1 Worldwide!

Today, September 16, 2014, the UBI Index named the Youngstown Business Incubator the number one university affiliated incubator in the world. The CEO of the UBI Index, Ali Amin, came all the way from Stockholm, Sweden to announce the news in Youngstown, OH. This is an amazing accomplishment, Hudson Fasteners and @FastenerNews are honored to be a part of the YBI family. “We’re completely speechless. Other than to say, to each and every single one of you who helped YBI achieve this incredible global recognition, we sincerely thank you from the bottom of our hearts.” – Jim Cossler, CEO of the Youngstown Business Incubator...

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Building a Nation of Makers

Building a Nation of Makers is a report released by the Milstein Symposium in June 2014. The Milstein Symposium is an initiative out of the Miller Center at the University of Virginia, the goal of which is to restore and rebuild the American Dream. The report focuses on six ideas to stimulate the manufacturing movement happening in America, including “Talent Investment Loans” and a “Skills Census.” Read about all six in the full report here.   Hashtags: #manufacturing #makers...

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Youngstown Maker City Kickoff

July 31, 2014 marked the kickoff of the Youngstown Maker City Initiative at America Makes in Youngstown, OH. See our video from the celebration, featuring Ralph Resnick – founding Director of America Makes, Dale Dougherty – CEO of Make Magazine, and Michael Garvey – President of M-7 Technologies.   Hashtags: #Youngstown #AmericaMakes #MakerCity #make...

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Federal STEM Education Portfolio

Excerpt from the Federal STEM Education Portfolio Executive Summary: The need for high quality science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) education has been touted by numerous reports that link our Nation’s future economic success and security to a highly skilled STEM workforce. National studies and international comparisons have repeatedly shown that STEM education in the United States needs to be improved. The Federal government provides support for a large number of STEM education programs that previous reports have described as potentially duplicative, overlapping, or uncoordinated. To address these issues, Congress, in the America COMPETES Act, called on the Office of...

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