Rotor Clip recently released their eBook “Still Made in America”. No longer a dirty industry, technology has become a powerful new tool for business and offers a lot of opportunity for younger talent. Written by Joe Cappello, the book explains how manufacturing has evolved and how Rotor Clip manages to grow with these changes. We asked Rotor Clip a few questions about their eBook and business. 

  • What was the driving force behind creating this eBook? 

There was a one sided perception that US manufacturing was all but dead. I saw too many books that showed photos of former manufacturing facilities broken down and in ruins. It was time to show that there is still a thriving manufacturing sector in America that employs the latest technology to innovate and compete globally.

  • In the book, young people are encouraged to pursue careers in manufacturing. Why was this important to include?

Again, there is a misconception that manufacturing is a place of dirty, boring jobs. I believe it is important for young people to realize there is opportunity in future manufacturing facilities every bit as hip as working in a software or technology company. Machines aren’t just turned on and off; rather, they are being digitally connected to collect and analyze data for the purpose of reducing downtime and maximizing production. Software in today’s factory is every bit as important as machine hardware. There are also a lot of “standard” opportunities, since manufacturing is a business employing people in accounting, purchasing, customer service, marketing, sales, etc. Young people today should be aware that their job search should include manufacturing companies.

  • What key principles of your founder, Robert Slass, does Rotor Clip implement today?

We still follow Mr. Slass’ belief that work should be challenging, fun and exciting. We care about our company and doing what we can to solve problems, continuously improve and keep our enterprise profitable for our employees and their families.

  • Last year, Rotor Clip attended the National Industrial Fastener & Mill Supply Expo (NIFMSE) in Las Vegas with an amazing booth, winning our “Best Booth Awards.” What was the inspiration behind that booth?

For several years now, Rotor Clip has had themed booths at the NIFSME that steered away from the standard, “pop-up-booth-in-a-box” look. The booths are meant to be informative and fun, as well as eye-catching. After all what is the point of having a booth if nobody really looks at or visits you, especially at a show with many exhibitors offering similar products and services. 

At last year’s show the theme was “the-one-stop-shop” without actually using this overused cliché. Hence, “ROTOR-MART” the one place where you can find all retaining rings, wave springs and hose clamps, and friendly service. The goal was to remind attendees that Rotor Clip is a manufacturer with a broad product offering and of the opportunities for vendor consolidation resulting in transaction/transaction cost reductions.   

  • What can attendees expect to see from Rotor Clip at this year’s NIFMSE?

All I can say is that it will be different than last year, with a focus on the other things Rotor Clip does for its customers besides delivering a quality products.

Thank you to Joe Cappello, Director of Global Marketing and author of the book as well as Jurgen Wenzel, Marketing Communications Manager, for taking the time to answer our questions.




Learn more about “Still Made in America” and request your copy here.



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