What really is the skills gap and who is it effecting? No matter the number of jobs available, it is certain that we need to focus just as much on encouraging students to make with their hands as we encourage them to make using their minds. 

What is the Skills Gap and The Impact on Manufacturing and the EconomyAlthough the Manufacturing Report on Business, compiled by the Institute for Supply Management, showed a modest improvement in manufacturing conditions in the United States in August, the highly watched employment component declined by 1.1 points to 53.3 in August, still indicating growth but at a slower rate than before.

Some economists and thought leaders in the space of manufacturing blame this slow growth on the hotly debated manufacturing “Skills Gap” with some sources stating there are 3 Million jobs unfulfilled due to the skills gap, yet others say 600,000 jobs are only truly unfulfilled because of the skills gap, and some, as stated by the Boston Consulting Group report, say there are only 80,000 to 300,000 manufacturing jobs.


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