In 2015, the National Association of Manufacturers, The Manufacturing Institute, APICS, and Deloitte released a report titled Minding the Manufacturing Gender Gap which  focusing on exploring trends and strategies to recruit, retain and advance women in manufacturing roles.

NAM, the Institute, and Deloitte are now conducting a study to identify the impact that women in manufacturing have in their companies and in their communities across various roles. With the 5 year anniversary of the STEP Ahead Awards, they are also measuring the impact our honorees have had since their award. They need your help.  

This is your opportunity to provide first-hand insights into factors that either attract or deter women in manufacturing, and your opportunity to identify the impact you make to increase the number of girls and women gaining interest and entering into the field of manufacturing. Please feel free to share this with women in your network, as they are hoping for a record response rate.

Please give this survey a few minutes of your time:

Their continuous research can continue to raise awareness of the lack of women in the industry and impact manufacturers’ talent strategies.  

Your time and participation is appreciated. Please contact the Executive Director of The Manufacturing Institute, Jennifer McNelly, with questions.


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