Educators already instill in their students many concepts of computer science, now that extra mile in computational thinking can close the STEM skills gap.

Demystifying computer science to address the lack of inclusion of women and minorities in the field has been the mission of educators and school administrators over the past few years. The College Board created an AP class to teach deconstructed principles of computer science. Even President Obama weighed in.

One proposed solution has been to start students down the path of computer science earlier. In EdTech: Focus on K12’s Fall 2016 issue, Vince Bertram, the CEO of Project Lead the Way, wrote about this very topic.

“Students makes decisions about whether they’re good at math and science as early as second grade,” writes Bertram. “We have to inspire students at an earlier age, demystify subjects like computer science and help them understand how math and science are tools to solve problems rather than equations to solve for a test.”

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