Fastener veteran Mike McGuire became very interested upon hearing about the new vocational training program for the fastener industry.  Mike has stated for several years now that one on the biggest problems or challenges for the American fastener manufacturer was a skilled trained working force.  He continued “When I was in high school fifty years ago we had what we called “Industrial Arts” and the girls had “Home Economics”, both which are not taught today in our school system.  There is now a serious gap with the Baby Boomers having a skilled work force!  Rock Valley College along with several local fastener manufacturers are trying to close this gap and return Rockford, Illinois back to being one in the top 10 metropolitan fastener producing area in America.”

The fastener library collection includes what Mike believes to be one of the most comprehensive available and covers the fastener industry from standards, dimensions, technical data, engineering and fastening applications.  Leading authors include Jim Speck, Julius Soled, John Bickford, Joseph Shigley, Pat Rapp, Dr. Lou Raymond, Guy Avellon, Thomas Doppke, and Robert Parmley among others and the Industrial Fastener Institute (IFI) standards books.  A complete set of 48 fastener training posters were also included.

The Dean of the Technical & Engineering Program has already commented on how interested several professors are upon receiving the collection and using the books for reference and developing training programs.

Mike, finished with an emotional comment stating “I hope that this donation is just a start and others in the fastener industry can contribute other materials to help build and strengthen this program and our fastener industry.”


Mike McGuire


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