There is an impressive new process for aerospace manufacturing happening in Hamburg. Airbus’s site is a spectacle of automated manufacturing. Its latest aircraft range, the A350, has a much larger proportion of composites in its structure. To make this manufacturing process easier, new technologies have been implemented. For example, the wings of the aircraft are wholly composite, and the company has switched from manual to fully automated production as a result. The company has recently started using automated fibre placement to build the wing covers. Once laid by hand, the layers of carbon fibres are arranged side by side and impregnated with resin, with each strip about 5cm wide. 

The strips are unrolled and placed side by side using a machine dangling from a moving gantry that sits above the tool. Its sides are studded with spindles that hold the reels of composite tape, which passes over a heated plate to partially melt the resin component of the composite. 

The manufacturing process is an interesting sight. To learn more about the process, click HERE.

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