Blink and you might miss something in manufacturing. The fast, evolving world of technology is playing a large role in how manufacturing and all of its sectors function. From quality, to monitoring, training, and every facet you can imagine, manufacturing is no longer the old, dirty factory that might come to mind. Now it’s wearables, 3D printing, robots, and training right outside of your door.

At the Manufacturing & Technology Conference & Expo (M&T Show), all of these influencers come together to give attendees a peak inside what could be for their customers and for them. These technological advancements are becoming helpful tools for increasing both quality and quantity. One of the biggest influencers in providing good business is serving the customer how they want it, when they want it.

Today was the first day of the M&T Show at the Huntington Convention Center in downtown Cleveland, Ohio. The show runs through Wednesday, May 10. While the event will be in full swing tomorrow and Wednesday, the innovations were already on display.

Wearables applications could be discussed (and tried on) which have excellent applications in warehouses and training. 3D printing was on display at Stratasys, including a few highlighted examples of traditional fasteners which could be used in 3D printing applications. Drones took flight in the Drone Zone, test driven by curious and excited attendees. Drones have the potential to be used in delivery.

The Cuyahoga Community College (Tri-C) mobile training unit was on full display at the show where attendees could get a glimpse into this on-the-go training tool. Inside, half of the unit is used for video training, while the other half is utilized for hands-on training. One of the highlights was a welding machine that can be used to train students on proper welding techniques using a program. After they have “welded” within the program, they can test their results.*

Tri-C’s award-winning robot was on display at the main stage. Led by a team from their Youth Technology Academy, this robot could throw a ball, pick it up, and climb, among a variety of functions. Even more impressive is that this robot is a world champion that was built in very little time. The impressive nature of this task and accomplishment is a testament to the importance of excellence in STEM education.

Additionally, attendees got a glimpse into an app that could increase each team member’s productivity with zero friction.

Tomorrow offers sessions on collaborative robots, building a smart factory, industrial exoskeletons, 3D printing in action, and more.

*The Tri-C Mobile Training Unit will be at the North Coast Fastener Association Fastener Social next week on May 18th

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