Since 1993, the Saleen Automotive Co. has manufactured high-performance automotive parts and sports cars. Saleen’s engineering team has a single goal in every modification project: boost the performance of each vehicle and refine its aesthetics to make it a rare and distinctive automobile. Often, though, the assembly and attachment-point bolts of the retrofitted vehicle’s supercharger are unable to withstand the rigors of being run at high-performance levels. To overcome this problem, Saleen engineers considered using a threadlocker.

Saleen’s engineers then explained that they needed three more things from the thread locker. They received support of their decision during a meeting with Tectorius North America, a supplier of pre-applied sealants, adhesives, lubricants and coatings for fasteners. First, it had to allow part adjustment during assembly, as well as disassembly later on. In addition, the threadlocker had to be available in specialized, low-volume quantities, and offer extended shelf life so it could be included in aftermarket kits.

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