“WIFI started as a way for women who work in the fastener industry to connect and network, and it has turned into so much more.” – WIFI President Pam Berry

On October 22, 2014, Women in the Fastener Industry continued their annual speaker series at the 2014 National Industrial Fastener & Mill Supply Expo with, “What’s In Your Communications Toolbox? Sales Tools of the 21st Century, Social Media & You.” This year the speaker was Alison Cohen (@Alisonbck), an experienced communications and public relations professional, who spoke about social media for the fastener industry. At the event, Alison discussed different types of media that can be used to enhance you and/or your business. Newsletters, handouts, news releases, websites, conferences, and various types of social media were all examined in relation to fastener businesses. The presentation was informative and encouraging, with many useful tips and suggestions. As an avid supporter of social media for business, I hope that those in attendance left with a better sense of what an important role social media can play in your success. Thank you WIFI and Alison for a great event!

Tips from Alison for using social media:

  • Be active – post once a day
  • Use hashtags and name others
  • Be engaged
  • Market your presence
  • Follow your competition
  • Announce awards
  • Compliment customers and followers
  • Provide a face and voice to your company

If you aren’t already signed up for the various social media accounts, please view our Social Media page for instructions on setting up profiles.

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