Mike McGuire of American Fastener Journal is now offering a set of 48 Fastener Training and Educational Posters. The posters cover a wide range of subjects, from “Weight Conversions” to “Working With Your Heat Treater” and everything in between. As someone who has the posters hung around the office, I can tell you they are extremely useful resources. Professional and easy to understand, the posters are a helpful tool to anyone in the fastener industry. The graphics are thorough and well drawn, and the content is concise and to the point. Fastener News was lucky enough to discuss the posters with Mike McGuire himself:

“Sometimes when you lose an order, or worse case you lose a customer and can’t figure it out as being one of the following:  Price, Delivery or Quality or as I call it PDQ. Did you ever think you have lost business because of the lack of product knowledge and your competitor is more knowledgeable about fasteners and fastening applications? Start today to cure this problem with the set for 48 Laminated Fastener Educational and Training Posters from the American Fastener Journal! They are available for immediate shipment.”

Thanks, Mike! We at Fastener News highly recommend investing in these awesome educational materials. Order forms can be found here.

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