Seventy years ago on March 10th, Fabory served its first customers as a wholesale trader in fasteners. Today, Fabory holds its standards as high as it did back then, specializing in high quality products  sold to professional users. The company now offers 90,000 fasteners, the most fasteners of any business in Europe.  What’s their secret for lasting success? Adaption. Faber has been dedicated to meeting its customers needs and paying close attention to evolve their business. 

What once started as small, now stretches to a presence of 80 locations in 11 European countries. More than 1100 team members are now serving customers with the reliable Fabory quality service.  More than 200,000 different products and convenient services are offered to these customers. Going beyond fasteners. the company sells tools, safety products, industrial products, and managed inventory solutions to meet the needs of customers. 

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