If you could work in any field you wanted and money wasn’t a factor, what would you be?

Who knows how many students have chosen a career path with this very question? There are, no doubt, some still asking it this very moment. As classrooms across the nation and many in West Michigan are teaching us, however, a more appropriate interrogative would ask not where students would rather be tomorrow, but what they would rather learn today.

From virtual online classrooms built by such companies as Microsoft and Switch to the massive open online courses from providers like edX, Coursera and Udemy, and even distance learning programs facilitated by our own brick-and-mortar universities, the walls of modern classrooms are often anything but metaphor. While the blackboard may remain the same–although it comes in white and clear versions now, too–the substance of technology education has been significantly redesigned by the capabilities of the technology being used to educate.


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