Amazon’s Prime Air is amping up its air services. It’s hiring at least 43 more staffers for its aviation unit as the e-commerce giant boosts its air division, which includes drone delivery development. Inc.’s Prime Air wants to hire two veteran aerospace managers in Seattle to oversee airframe and aircraft engine maintenance programs for its contract air cargo carriers across the U.S.

Amazon (Nasdaq: AMZN) needs the managers to ensure that its partners, including Atlas Air Holdings (Nasdaq: AAWW) and Air Transport Services Group (Nasdaq: ATSG), comply with all Federal Administration Administration regulations and industry best practices.

Details of the job openings were posted on Amazon’s website (but not on Prime Air’s jobs website).

“I presume what Amazon wants is to have a quality control hand over things,” said David Harris, senior editor of Seattle-based Cargo Facts news website, which covers the global air cargo transport sector.


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