By marketing online through detailed product pages, case studies, comparisons, and quotes, a simple search and then a click brings buyers to you.


Advertising doesn’t always have a positive reputation, mostly because industrial companies don’t see the value in advertising. In the July 1970 issue of the Harvard Business Review B. Charles Ames said that industrial buyers, due to their economic and engineering considerations, they are “largely unaffected by the emotional appeals of advertising, packaging, and merchandising.”

Although things have evolved, industrial companies are still in that same mindset. While it might seem strange to even consider an industrial marketing blog to promote knowledge or the applications of company products, it’s actually a hugely important part of business.

While being in industry industry magazines and publications gets your products in front of the right audiences, it isn’t often the people coming across your product then are necessarily looking for it. Yes,  traditional advertising has its place, but consumers are moving online. Advertising online offers benefits and differences that make you stand out against the competition. 90% of all B2B buyers use search specifically to research business purchases.


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