Committee G01 encourages all interested parties to find out more about the importance and effect of corrosion on metals and to participate activities.

Corrosion, the gradual destruction of materials by chemical reactions with the environment, is the archenemy of infrastructure. The deterioration of roads, bridges, traffic signals, etc., can result in unsafe conditions and lead to billions of dollars spent worldwide on emergency repairs and replacement.

Fortunately, ASTM International’s committee on corrosion of metals (G01) has been fighting the good fight against corrosion and its effects for more than 50 years. Established in 1964, the committee creates standards that are used to develop and maintain materials to reduce the costs and problems that arise from  corrosion.
As an example of how corrosion affects infrastructure, Raymund Singleton, chair of the corrosion committee and CEO, Singleton Corp., mentions reinforcing bar, or “rebar.”


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