The revolution of the industrial world is rapid and never rests. The talk of the skills gap is everywhere, robots are working alongside employees in warehouses, social media is changing the way industrial marketers share their brand and stories. Yet while it’s evolving, the change is not so quick and easy (nor a priority) for everyone. Younger professionals know technology while seasoned professionals have a greater understanding of tradition. What happens when you combine them? Fastener News Desk thrives on educating industries about the latest news and is now broadcasting its newest venture, A Little Screwy, to talk about it.  A Little Screwy is a show that highlights the happenings of the modern industrial world.  

About the Hosts      

Lisa Kleinhandler (right) is the CEO of Fastener News Desk. With her knowledge of the fastener business and love of technology, she brings the seasoned professional approach to the show.

Diandra Lazor (left) is the Interactive Media Coordinator of Fastener News Desk. As a marketer and millennial, she spends a lot of her time researching and writing about the industry.

Together, with their unique personalities and perspectives, they make this industrial-focused show a little bit screwy. Take a look below at the first two episodes.A Little Screwy

Episode 1

The skills gap is a hot topic in the industrial world and the majority of the sectors are preparing for the mass baby boomer retirement. One of the biggest problems faced is the negative perceptions of manufacturing by the American public. Many Americans feel that manufacturing doesn’t offer good opportunities and the stereotypes of a dirty factory are still a heavy influence.

That’s where Manufacturing Day comes in. Manufacturing Day encourages manufacturers and everyone in the industrial world to open their doors to the public, to schools, and to policy makers. By seeing the truth behind manufacturing, the American public will have their perceptions changed and they will see the benefit of encouraging children to become a part of the industrial workforce.

In the first episode of A Little Screwy, Lisa and Diandra discuss why Manufacturing Day matters and why you should participate. 

Key Points

  • What’s Happening in Manufacturing?
    • Over the next decade nearly 3.5 million manufacturing jobs need to be filled.
    • 84% of executives agree there is a talent shortage in U.S. manufacturing.
    • Every $1 invested in manufacturing brings $1.37 in additional value to other sectors.
  • Participation Results:
    • 89% of students who participated were more aware of manufacturing jobs in my community.
    • Students who participated were 64% more motivated to pursue a career in manufacturing.
    • Manufacturing Day hosts were 86% more inclined to host an event again.
  • Why Should You Participate?
    • Open your doors to a new workforce.
    • Let educators know what you need.
    • Create a relationship with influential individuals who could impact your future.
    • And more!

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Episode 2

Trade shows are essential to business. Whether it is learning about the latest advancements in industry trends or meeting with customers, thousands of dollars are invested in exhibiting or attending. Executives expect that this attendance will result in a return of investment (ROI) worth at least the spent amount at the very minimum. Event then, however, the results are disappointing. 

The key to increasing ROI is business, but how will customers or potential customers give you business if they don’t know how you’re different or what you offer? Perhaps they’re unaware you’re at the show. The answer lies in marketing. Marketing raises awareness that you’ll be at the show, where you can be found, what you’re offering, and how you are different from the competition. Digital spending is the new way to market, anyone can do it. Marketing online saves you money while reaching a larger, more tailored audience. You can make yourself known through emails, on your website, in digital write-ups, and on social media.

In the second episode, Diandra and Lisa discuss how you can leverage digital marketing to get the highest ROI out of your trade show investments.

Key Points

  • Why Market?
    • Marketing creates awareness that you’ll be at a show as well as where you’ll be and what you will be offering.
    • In a world of similar companies, your marketing will help you be stand out from your competition.
    • Marketing in digital ways an reach more for less.
  • Promotion Before the Show
    • Do it WELL in advance.
    • Do research, ex. what is the hashtag? Use it every time you promote.
    • Connect with your industry event and top bloggers to form a relationship and help promote yourself.
    • Include promotions on social media, on your website, in your emails, and in other digital ways.
    • PRO TIP: Download the show app to plan your show and you course of action.
    • Create a campaign that inspires excitement and ties in with your booth and its giveaways.
  • Promotion During the Show
    • Use the hashtag and stay active!
    • Respond and start a conversation with other attendees, the show, and speakers.
    • Keep your booth and offerings coming out during the show.
  • Promotion After the Show
    • Blogs overviewing the show.
    • Blogs highlighting stand out attendees, products, and sessions.
    • Follow up with those with whom you have connected. 


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