To maintain your competitive edge and grow in a changing industry, Brighton-Best invites you to attend their Fasteners 102 Training Seminars.

In their efforts to move forward with industry education, Brighton-Best is offering programs featuring experts in their field, industry applications, and topics which can help your business. The Fasteners 102 Training Seminars will be taking place on August 31st, from 9am-5pm, in two locations: Suwanee, Georgia and Strongsville, Ohio. 

In an industry with a rich history, there are traditions which need to happen. Introducing new ideas, staying innovative, and seeking growth are essential to continuous success. Furthermore, these courses will not only help you maintain a level of healthy competition, it’s also a way to learn respect for those around you.

The topics for the Fasteners 102 Training one day course will cover the following:

  • Classification of Fasteners
  • Materials and Coatings
  • Fastener Designation
  • Fastener Technology
  • Basics on Quality

Brighton-Best Invites You to Attend Their Fasteners 102 Training Seminars

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