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Fastener Industry Veterans Issued US Patent for eCommerce Technology

Youngstown, OH.—Product Genius Technology Founders and Fastener Industry veterans, Lisa J. Kleinhandler, CEO  and Cris A. Young, EVP announced today that the United States Patent and Trademark Office has issued Patent 9,760,944for Systems, Methods, Servers and clients for inventory exchange.

The patent covers inventions built for eCommerce to improve customer experience of online shopping allowing customers to search, sort and purchase from thousands of products on one page in a visually acceptable manner.  

With this proprietary technology, complex product catalogs with multiple dimensions, such as those found in the industrial supply industry, are easily organized into a single page allowing customers to see all product variations at once and easily add those products to eCommerce carts.  The Product Genius Technology was built in 2015 and has been beta tested and deployed on Kleinhandler’s 80-year-old family fastener business website Hudson


“Today’s marketplace is growing increasingly competitive with the introduction of new Internet technologies almost daily. The most successful businesses will be those who leverage their intellectual property to give customers the experience they are looking for when buying products,” said Ms. Kleinhandler. “Product Genius Technology has applied for multiple patents covering our technology, this was a necessary step as more B2B industrial buyers convert to online and mobile ordering processes.” she said.


Demand for B2B customer experience technology and services is growing rapidly as more companies seek the ease and convenience of making online purchases, and as company owners pursue innovative efficiencies and streamline operations to lower costs and grow customer experience and satisfaction. According to Forrester Research, B2B online sales are forecast to surpass $1.1 trillion by 2020.

Meet The Team:






Lisa J. Kleinhandler | CEO      







Cris A. Young | EVP


Product Genius Technology is a portfolio company at the Youngstown Business Incubator. Lisa and Cris together bring over 50 years of fastener and industrial supply chain experience to this exciting new eCommerce technology. Product Genius Technology allows clients to search complex product categories, eliminating filtering systems that lead to poor customer experience. This technology was born from their desire to improve customer experience when buying industrial supplies online. Due to the complexity of industrial supply catalogs the transition to strategic online eCommerce has been complicated for distributors.

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