Can you please give us your Name, Company Name and where you are located? My name is Jennifer Jung, and now working for SHINJIN FASTENERS CO., LTD. in Republic of Korea.

Can you tell us about the products you manufacture? We produce bolts, screws and studs with both stainless steel and carbon alloy steel, and we are specialized in the cold forming production for big diameter screws such as 1-1/2” and small diameter with long length screws such as 1/2”x 14” long. We also have a special division for the power generation industry to serve customer’s crucial and critical requirements, and produce special parts with exotic material like SUS660 and SUS630.

How important is the US market to your overall business strategy? US market is really attractive for us in terms of the volume, and it is difficult at the same time due to the price issue. In 2016, our head marking “SJF” has been registered as a Fastener insignia in USPTO, and now we are discussing with our customers that what SJF can be competitive in this huge market. We are confident that SJF can be the well-known brand in the fastener industry of US.

What industries or regions do you see future growth and potential? We expect to have our future growth at the agricultural-vehicle industry and the power generation industry. The demand for the extreme range is huge from both industries, and we have the capability to produce the extreme range with several different material including carbon-alloy, stainless steel and exotic material. 

Does your country face the growing global concern of talented and skilled workforce shortages? Yes, it is. We have many professional engineers with over 20 years experience in this industry; they are real fastener experts, but getting old. In the meantime, young people did not stay in this industry for a long time, they left this industry to find better working environment.

What have been the biggest changes you’ve seen in the industry? The development of the surface finish and raw material gives customers more choice. And we, manufacturer, must keep studying if the new development can guarantee the stable quality of our products.

What would your advice be to young people thinking about a career in the fastener industry? I would say “Be patient”. It takes time to be a real expert in the fastener industry, we need to study dimensions, mechanical and chemical properties, raw material, surface finish, and so on… also there are many other related international standard to study. And this extensive knowledge you build for several years will make you a true fastener expert. Now I am on the same way.

Is your company looking at new technologies such as Additive Manufacturing and 3D printing? Not at this time.

Some of Shin Jin’s products on display at the Fastener Expo in Vegas.

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