Can you please give us your Name, Company Name and where you are located?

KH Jeong – Sales Manager

KPF – Korea Parts & Fasteners

Corporate is located in South Korea.

Our 54 yrs old Factory is in Korea and 6yrs old factory in Vietnam


Can you tell us about the products you manufacture?

Structural, special OEM fasteners, heavy hex nuts,

Hex cap screws, Socket cap screws, Flange screws


How important is the US market to your overall business strategy?

About 30% of our fastener sales for US. So, it is very important region.

We have about 80 royal and long years relationships customers.

We will do everything to maintain and grow those relationships


What industries or regions do you see future growth and potential?

Due to many changes in government policies, it is very difficult to point out.

But Heavy machinery related with construction and power generation will be potential for 2018 and regionally, it has to be Midwest.


Does your country face the growing global concern of talented and skilled workforce shortages? Yes. this has been big issue in Korea for many years.


What have been the biggest changes you’ve seen in the industry? Cutting in Supply chains.


What would your advice be to young people thinking about a career in the fastener industry? Not sure.


Is your company looking at new technologies such as Additive Manufacturing and 3D printing? Not at the moment


[VIDEO]Fastener News Desk spoke with KH Jeong at the Fastener Expo in Vegas. KH expressed concerns about the TPP 


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