Valley Forge & Bolt Mfg Co. Manufacturing Day Event

Valley Forge & Bolt Mfg Co. Manufacturing Day Event

Valley Forge & Bolt Mfg Co. MFG Day Event



Program Designed to Expand Knowledge of Manufacturing, Improve Public Perception of Manufacturing Career Opportunities

PHOENIX, AZ October 5, 2018 – In celebration of Manufacturing Day, Valley Forge & Bolt Mfg. Co. will open its doors on Friday, October 5th to students, teachers, the media, customers and others interested in manufacturing as part of an effort to change people’s perceptions about today’s manufacturing environment and draw attention to the outstand- ing opportunities that a career in manufacturing can provide. Planned activities include a complete and in-depth tour of a hot forging facility that has been manufacturing in Phoenix for over 44 years. In addition they will be showcasing their patented load indicating fasteners that are trusted in industrial applications worldwide.

Manufacturing Day is an annual national event executed at the local level supported by thousands of manufacturers as they host students, teachers, parents, job seekers and other local community members at open houses, plant tours and presentations designed to showcase modern manufacturing technology and careers.

“There is an increasing demand for skilled professionals in the manufacturing sector who can design and build prod- ucts within the United States,” said Bret Halley, Chief Operating Officer. “It is a struggle for US manufacturers to find and retain employees while competeing in the world market. This struggle is largely based on associated stigma’s with working in the manufacturing industry. ”

Manufacturing Day is co-produced by the Fabricators & Manufacturers Association, International (FMA), the National Association of Manufacturers (NAM), the Manufacturing Institute (MI), and the National Institute of Standards and Technology’s (NIST) Hollings Manufacturing Extension Partnership (MEP). Partners include Edge Factor and the Sci- ence Channel and guest producer Industrial Strength Marketing.

About Valley Forge & Bolt Mfg. Co.

Valley Forge & Bolt Mfg. Co. is a manufacturer of hot forged industrial fasteners, bolting solutions and load indicating technology, trusted in industrial applications worldwide. Our relentless drive towards development of new technology and innovative ideas stems from our dedication to continually improve and perfect the bolted joint. Our advanced fastener technology includes tension control bolts that accurately measure and monitor bolt clamp loads. This moni- toring is done visually with our patented Maxbolt™, and electronically or wirelessly with our SPC4™ bolts. We are proud to have the most fastener patents in the industry. For more information visit us at


Facility Tour / Presentation

October 5, 2018 10:00am – 12:30pm 

4410 W Jefferson St
Phoenix, AZ 85009 

Take some time to visit a forging shop that has existed for almost 45 years and specializes in, not just fastener manufacturing, but fastener innovation and load indicating technology. A technology that is certainly revolutionizing bolted joints. We pride ourselves on 100% Traceability within our manufacturing shop and will show you in detail just what goes into making a reliable and quality performance fastener. 

On this facility tour all participants will have the opportunity to explore and get an in depth view of our advanced ERP System, ENGINEERING, DRAFTING AND DESIGN, large hot-headed FORGING, HEAT TREAT, ROLL THREADING, CNC MACHINING, LOAD INDICATING INNOVATION. You will also have the opportunity for a full product showcase of our patented load indicating technology, fasteners that show visually how tight they are. We are the only manufacturer of fasteners of this kind, worldwide. 

Opportunities for internships and manufacturing positions available. 

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For More Event Information
Lananh Wong
 602-269-5748 x241 


We are an internationally renowned manufacturer of hot forged industrial fasteners. Our patented bolting products are trusted for their quality, performance and reliability. At Valley Forge, we have developed patented technology that will completely change your way of thinking about a bolted joint. Our manufacturing technologies give you the ability to monitor direct load in the fastener while it is in service. This capability will completely revolutionize your application. The money you will save in knowing exactly what your bolts are doing under load, gives you joint integrity, less down time, and safe performance of your equipment. We are a quality based, US manufacturer that focuses on solving problems and doing it in a first class manner.


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