We were grateful for the long Memorial Day weekend after this year’s Fastener Fair USA.  There were so many people to see, educational presentations and activities that you had to attend. The welcoming party, trade show floor, distributors and technology theaters, educational programs, and of course the networking with clients and industry peers kept everyone busy for the three-day event.


The opening day of the 2019 Fastener Fair USA show was a well-attended educational workshop by Fastener Training Institute. Later that evening the welcome party was held at the GE Renaissance Center. There were model vehicles on display, a live band, lots of food and drinks and one lone dancing fool. 😊

On Wednesday, noted author and keynote speaker, Steven Blue got everyone on their feet! He shared his inspiration and passion advising those in attendance to be ready for the changing business models.

Fastener industry’s popular MC, Eric Dudas, of Fully Threaded Radio led a panel discussion on “Disruption in the Industry”.  Where our own Lisa Kleinhandler of Fastener News Desk, Frank DeVito of Solution Industries, and Nelson Valderamma of Intuilize each provided their take on what is or will be disrupting distribution in the fastener industry.  Topics discussed included digital transformation, eCommerce, data analytics, 3D printing and workforce. Panelists interacted with program attendees answering questions on these and other issues concerning the industry.

The programs provided education and insight into issues that affect our daily routines as well as our business strategies.  Attendees should definitely make sure they set aside some time to attend these very informative and free programs at the shows.

The show floor was busy. Greeting familiar customers, making new ones and catching up with friends provided the buzz associated with all that activity. It always ends to quickly. Hear from exhibitors and attendees.

The 2020 Fastener Fair USA will be held in Charlotte, NC in May. Come on down y’all!



About the Show

About Fastener Fair USA

Fastener Fair USA is the only exhibition in the U.S. dedicated to the full supply chain–distributors, mechanical and design engineers, purchasers, wholesalers, and OEMs. From automotive to aerospace, construction to HVAC, furniture to appliances, fastener professionals from every segment of the market find the latest products they need at Fastener Fair USA.


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