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Willow WIFI on Being a Self-Advocate

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Hello again.  It’s me, Willow.  Last month we chatted about camaraderie and the benefits of friendship within the industry.  Today’s focus is on being kind to ourselves.  An advocate even. 

Do you ever put yourself down?  You might say self-deprecating words in front of the mirror, or while conversing with a friend or co-worker, or maybe just silently in your own head.  Have you ever thought about the impact your negative inner monologue has on your life?  Your career?

It’s human nature to doubt ourselves once in a while.  But if self-doubt becomes a continuously playing record, that’s a problem.  Put yourself down enough times and you start believing the false narrative. 

Why is this a problem?  When you tell yourself that you don’t measure up, you’re giving away your power.  You’re cheating yourself out of your own self-confidence.  Without knowing it, you’ve become your own worst enemy. 

How does self-doubt translate to the office?  When a position opens that would be a natural step up in your career, does the voice in your head tell you to jump at the opportunity?  Or does it tell you you’re not qualified.  Someone else could do the job better than you could.   

Consider this.  What you project out into the world is what comes back to you.  When you continuously doubt your abilities, you are subconsciously telling others to doubt your abilities.  They might not know exactly why they think you’re not the right person for the job opening, but their intuition told them you’re not.  In actuality, you’ve told them you’re not by what you’ve projected.  Before you’ve even considered applying, you’ve already been eliminated from the field of candidates.

If you relate to anything you’ve just read, stop this destructive behavior now!  Since you created the negative narrative, you can also erase it.  Go ahead.  Erase.  I’ll wait….  

Now, redraft your inner monologue using words of kindness, encouragement and self-confidence.  Write your words down.  Look at them while you have your morning coffee and before you go to bed at night.  Believe them.  Make this your new narrative.  This simple mind shift will have a profound impact on your life and on your career. 

Overcoming self-doubt is the first step in becoming a self-advocate.   Once you have found your confidence, what next?  Come back and check out next month’s column to learn when and why to say, “yes”. 

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