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For Immediate Release: November 9, 2020

 WIFI recognizes Hearn, Young, Kleinhandler and BTM Manufacturing.  Sponsored and organized by Women in the Fastener Industry, the recipients of these awards are celebrated for the continuous contributions to promote and support women within the fastener Industry.

Women in the Fastener Industry Association would like to congratulate this year’s award receipts:

Woman of the Year is an award that recognizes exemplary leadership and success in the fastener industry. The recipient will have a long and distinguished record of advocacy for the professional advancement of women. Congratulations 2020 Woman of the Year – Rosa E. Hearn from Brighton-Best International, Inc.

“Thank you so much for this honor.  I would like to thank WIFI and its members for considering me and my accomplishments in supporting women as something to be awarded.  I am grateful and passionate about this industry and I will always do my best to help and support others.”

 Woman in Business is defined as a champion and advocate who contributes and supports her own organization and community by sharing knowledge, ideas, insights and strength. They are women who are dedicated to empowering more women to achieve full potential in all aspects of life.  Congratulations 2020 Woman in Business – Cris Young and Lisa J. Kleinhandler, from Product Genius, Hudson Fasteners and Fastener News Desk. 

“We are absolutely honored to be chosen for the WIFI Women in Business awards.  Both of us have always shared a passion for small business and especially helping to lift other women business owners to meet their potential.  We love the industry we serve and the family legacy that we keep alive.”

Man Up may be awarded to an individual male or a company that has demonstrated a commitment to supporting women and the WIFI organization. The recipient is a partner that provides tools and resources that empower the women in their organization or industry. Congratulations BTM Manufacturing.

“What a great honor! Thank you to WIFI, You are all an amazing group of dedicated fastener women! ~ Jake Davis, President of BTM Mfg.”

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