The high-school robotics team had been working long nights to perfect a mechanism to launch a Frisbee through a target with frustrating results. Late one night they thought they finally had it and excitedly moved the robot to the school hallway to try a long-distance shot. The first shot floated down the long hallway and finally stopped about a hundred yards away as their cheers filled the hall! A team member ran to retrieve the Frisbee as the others made adjustments to improve the trajectory. No one had noticed the fire-safety exit sign right in the middle of the ceiling about 50 feet down the hallway. Just as their teammate passed that sign, they let loose the second shot. The sign instantly exploded into a million pieces with a loud crack, leaving nothing but dust floating in the air! The destruction was so immediate and so thorough that the team just stood there transfixed in silent awe for a moment, and then erupted in the uncontrollable whoops and laughter of hard-won success. They knew they had it!

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