The MWFA will hold their annual Milwaukee dinner meeting on April 6th. The meeting will center around the subject of “Protecting Companies from the Cyber Threat”. Intellectual property theft and the loss of secret information cost about $400 billion in losses to the United States Annually. Protecting data, business secrets, emails, customers, and more are important to companies and the well-being of the economy. To speak on the issue, the MWFA will feature Byron Franz, a Special Agent of the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI). Franz has worked on national security matters for over 20 years and presently serves in the FBI Milwaukee office as the Private Sector Coordinator. Specializing in cyber, Franz raises awareness about the threats to business and academia, as well as state/local governments that may happen regarding cyber. 

This presentation will highlight some of the threats to business as well as recommendations for working with the FBI and law enforcement to neutralize threats. Learn the primary methods of computer intrusion and mitigations for protecting yourself.

Attend the meeting to learn more about the resources and practices that assist to protect you and your business. 

Information courtesy of MWFA President, Bob Baer

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