Post written by Nicholas Provenzano, high school English teacher, author, speaker, and consultant.

I sat around the Makerspace in my school and just looked around at all the students working on different projects. One student was working on a maze to program a robot to traverse, a pair of students were trying to create a student ID scanner system using Raspberry Pi, others were designing 3D objects, and some were just sitting and drawing. 

Setting up this space was not an easy task, but it was awesome to see the students taking charge of the Makerspace and using all of the different passions they have. I had no idea where to begin and ended up creating an amazing space and sharing the process in a book I wrote in the hopes that others can have the same feeling I had watching those students create.

And while there’s no one way to bring makerspaces into your classroom, I do have a favorite way to get started. When possible, I prefer to ask students what they want to learn. Finding out their passion will help guide what it is they want to make. If the students are given a task to complete, they might do it, but they will not be as engaged as they would be if it was something they cared about. Student ownership is key when it comes to learning – and making is all about learning.


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