A an excellent customer experience is no longer unique. To attract and retain customers you must understand how you want their experience to look. Once you define the experience, you can identify technologies and processes to make it happen.

A compelling customer experience has evolved beyond beyond a nice bonus in most industries. Instead, standout experiences that go above and beyond the norm attract and retain business. In addition, these practices reduce costs of servicing products and complaints. While rewards can be big, a complete reinvention of the customer journey and support process is needed. 

Reinvention is absolutely what must happen. Rarely are existing processes simply updated or digitized. A zero-based redesign of the customer experience involves ignoring everything the company already has in place and asking, “What would be the best possible experience a customer could have when completing this task?”

Once a business has analyzed and defined what that experience should be, it can figure out processes and technologies from there. 

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