If you want to be sure that your content is working for you, consider a content audit. Your content will thank you.

So, you’ve got your content, you’re blogging, you’re putting it out – excellent! But, maybe not. Sometimes, content doesn’t function like we think or hope it will. That’s where a content audit comes in. A content audit is where you review existing content, listing all the assets you offer, including channels and distribution formats. The best way to fuel your content audit is to examine your project needs and business goals. Assess your content, consider what you want to know about how it functions, from how much you have, to how any people it is reaching, to wheee it is going, and so forth. Maybe unsettling is the concept that it really doesn’t have a set-in-stone method. 

Look at what your content produced because without examining it, you have no really concept of your plan. You must determine where you’re going  and set up standards.  Highlight content that is relevant and performs well to repurpose; outdated content that needs an update; and irrelevant content to kill. 

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