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The 2017 International Fastener Expo Best Booth award winners were recently revealed! The awards winners all deserve a virtual round of applause! Marketing a company, its products, team players and booth presentation at a trade show is an important task that takes creativity, thoughtfulness, marketing skills, and choosing the right team players to execute. This years Best Booth Award winner was chosen because of the unique usage and display of their products in their booth design.

We were very curious to find out what had inspired this very creative booth. 

We spoke with Matt Goldberg, CEO of AMPG Accurate Manufactured Products Group to get the nuts and bolts of their BEST BOOTH design?


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Please give us your name, title, job function and how many years you are with AMPG.

Matt Goldberg, President and Founder, 30+


What inspired the design of the AMPG booth?

The booth was initially designed by an award winning Architect from NY that we made custom parts for – he designed the look to feature the types of hardware and fastener products that we make. Everything in the booth is one of our products.


Can you tell us about the inspiration for the AMPG BOOTH?

The inspiration was the 2014 AIA Architectural Conference in Chicago – we exhibited with the Architect showing our design/build capabilities, and introducing ourselves to the construction field as a US Supplier of beautiful fastenings – “Industrial Jewelry”  made fast.


What process do you use when trying to design the best possible booth for your company?

With the envelope of the booth set, we vary the types of samples that we display. The table featuring our hardware was custom built in the months before the Fastener Show, and we did that to show Distributors that there are many “non-traditional” uses for fasteners.


How many fasteners and what type were used in the construction of your booth?

All of the fasteners in the booth were custom designed for it – the patented “Satellite Fittings” that hold up the glass shelves, and the large threaded parts that anchor the cable for those shelves were parts that we made for an Art Exhibition at the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art. 


 We were wondering in a recent Tweet how many fasteners were used in the build of their booth:

684 in 303 and 316 and . 400 in the frame, 240 in shelving, 24 in the table and 20 in hanging fixtures! 10:36 AM – 7 Nov 2017


How important is customer experience in the design process?

We don’t use an outside firm for this, so we have a meeting where we discuss our last show experience, and what we heard from the people who were attracted to the booth – what worked or didn’t to get them interested in coming over.


How long does this process usually take?

The design ideas don’t take that long, but manufacturing new items for the booth has to be fit into our busy production schedule in the Shop – we have over 24 Swiss Lathes that run 24 hours a day.


Should budget be the overriding factor before design-build begins?

While we were trying to stick to a budget we ultimately went over. Our most important consideration is the look and feel of the booth experience.


How do you choose which team members will be on the show floor?

Different shows use different team members – we have inside people dedicated to different customer segments, and they will travel to the shows that address that audience.


How many trade shows does your company participate in per year? Which events?

We do the Fastener Show in Vegas each year, and then in house shows for our large customers like Grainger and Fastenal. We are looking forward to attending the following upcoming events; Fastenal Expo Industrial & Construction Supplies, Grainger Show 2018, Fastener Fair USA 2018, and Midwest Design-2-Part Show.





Fastener News Desk will be speaking with more of the Best Booth Award winners in our continued Interview Series. 



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