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We have spent the last eight months unable to travel and conduct our usual business processes with our customers or vendors and it does not appear that we will return anytime soon to those ways. Still business must go on. We’ll have to find new ways to network, and grow our businesses.

Which is why I have embraced virtual events. It satisfies many of my business needs and one very basic human need; seeing and talking to many of my industry friends live.

I’ve attended many virtual events over the past few months of all sizes and the one thing I took away from each one was the connection made during a closed room one on one chat.

Those were the events I liked the best. Some events did not have great interaction tools and fell to the bottom of the list, unfortunate for the displaying companies.

There’s only so much you can do to jazz up the virtual booth’s appearance. Most platforms give template virtual booth designs. Set up your virtual booth to attract them in but focus on your connection to the attendee.

Focus on customer interactions.

Its exactly what you’ve been missing over the past 8 months. Have the right team available live to speak with new leads and begin to build the relationship necessary to win their business. 

The virtual opportunity can give your company the boost it needs to get vetted new leads in a short time period. You can bet nobody’s showing up that isn’t interested.

While there is a cost associated with all virtual shows and conferences you’re already saving on travel and shipping costs and your invited guests appreciate the time and money you just saved them.

The current crisis will go away but business has changed forever. Are you ready?

I will be attending the IFE’s Match & Meet event. Perhaps we’ll have the opportunity to connect via a vendor’s booth or get together with others at a seminar. I will be providing a presentation on becoming a digital distributor, I look forward to seeing you there.



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