International Fastener Expo

Edith Cameron Scholarship

Submission deadline: August 31st, 2022

WIFI honors the memory of Edith Cameron, a pioneer in the fastener industry for 55 years. She was as devoted to her career in the industry as she was to her family and friends. She was a trailblazer in the industry for many years, inducted into the Fastener Hall of Fame in 1993 and encouraged many women to excel in the fastener business.

Scholarship application submission offered to WIFI Members requesting financial assistance to attend the International Fastener Expo in Las Vegas, October 17th – 19th, 2022. Travel, accommodations and entrance to the show will be provided. The recipient must participate in the WIFI event and the show booth.  


Meet the 2022 Recipients of the International Fastener Expo | WIFI Edith Cameron Scholarship

Welcome to Delta Secondary - Delta Secondary, LLC

Jazmin Duenas, Delta Secondary, is the winner of the Edith Camerson (IFE) Scholarship. The International Fastener Expo will give Jazmin the opportunity to network and build relationships within the fastener industry.

Jazmin is a Sales Representative for Delta Secondary. She has been in the fastener industry for 1 year. She has learned a lot from her mentors at Delta Secondary and other industry related outlets. She looks forward to building deeper relationships with her customers and industry colleagues.

A Tremendous Thank You to WIFI for selecting me as the 2022 recipient for the scholarship in honor of Edith Cameron!

I have officially been with Delta Secondary for a year today! I began my journey alongside Delta with no prior experience in the fastener industry, so as you can imagine, it was quite daunting since this industry contains a wealth of endless information to learn. And while I am still learning new things in my sales position every day, my colleagues at Delta have been outstanding mentors to me and I am so grateful for their knowledge, patience and leadership. 

With this opportunity that WIFI has so graciously provided, I will be able to expand my knowledge and connections at the International Fastener Expo 2022 and for that, I am honored!



OEP Products: Plastic Knobs, etc.

Michelle Richards, Original Engineered Products, is the winner of the Edith Camerson (IFE) Scholarship. The International Fastener Expo will give Michelle the opportunity to network and build relationships within the fastener industry.

Michelle is a Distribution Sales Specialist for OEP. She has been in the fastener industry for 25 years. She has a passion for learning, building relationships, and connecting people in the fastener industry.

Dear WIFI,

I am sincerely honored to have been selected as a recipient of the Edith Cameron Scholarship. Thank you for your generosity, which will allow me in-person integration back into the fastener industry and fastener family in my new role as a Distribution Sales Representative for OEP. Attending IFE 2022 will afford me many opportunities to network, connect and begin new customer relationships as well as reconnect with all the existing relationships that I am fortunate to already know. As I grow, learn, and succeed in my new role, I will be ever grateful and thankful for this experience.

Thank you again for your thoughtful and generous gift.


Michelle Richards

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About WIFI

WIFI’s mission is to provide opportunities for women in the fastener industry at all levels of experience, to unite in order to educate, mentor and encourage one another, for the express purpose of advancing women in the fastener industry.   

Established in 2009, WIFI is an organization driven by progressive ideas, bold actions, and a strong foundation of support.


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