Remember When Everyone Got All Their News from the Radio?

Over the coming week Manufacturing Day news will be spread to potential event attendees on radio shows across the country. Ed Youdell, president and CEO of FMA, one of the founding co-producers of the national celebration, will be interviewed about MFG DAY, with the goal of providing a glimpse into some of the activities that will be available in the most active cities in America. He will talk about what a visitor to a MFG DAY event might experience, provide insight into some of the scheduled events in each region and describe why MFG DAY exists and what it accomplishes.

The schedule for the radio tour currently includes the following:   

  • NBC News Radio – more than 1,500 affiliates nationwide carry this programming
  • Network Indiana – more than 66 affiliates state-wide
  • Florida Radio Network – more than 55 affiliates state-wide
  • Ohio News Network – nearly 80 affiliates state-wide
  • NBC News Radio-Philadelphia – 18 affiliates
  • Denver’s news/talk station KOA-AM
  • Tampa’s Beasley Broadcast group – 5 affiliates

More stations and networks will be confirmed in the next few days, and this blog will be updated as they are. Check back on Monday, Oct. 3, for a complete list. Interviews will be both taped and live, so it is difficult at this time to guarantee when you may hear a broadcast. When the final list is posted, we will indicate any interviews that have a guaranteed live broadcast time.


Event Hashtag: #MFGDAY16