Once upon a 1957, in Farmingdale, NY, Rotor Clip Company was founded by Robert Slass. After moving around several times in 1972, Jonathan Slass and Craig Slass took over the family business. Today, Rotor Clip performs its retaining ring and hose clamp manufacturing in a 238,000 square foot facility in Somerset, NJ. Rotor Clip also has worldwide operations and service to its customers. The company is certified to ISO 9001, ISO/TS 16949, AS 9100 and ISO 14001. Rotor Clip offers quality product and value-added services, technical assistance, product training, and cost-reduction programs, along with competitive pricing, JIT delivery. As a globally recognized company, Rotor Clip has received quality awards from major OEM’s, automotive manufacturers, and distributors. 

In last year’s Best Booth Awards, Rotor Clip won overall best both. This year, Rotor Clip was recognized for “Best Creativity” in our Fastener News 2016 Fastener Shows Best Booth Awards. We spoke to Rotor Clip’s creative guru and marketing communications manager, Jürgen Wenzel, about the inspiration behind this year’s booth, National Industrial Fastener & Mill Supply Expo (NIFMSE), and the future of Rotor Clip. 


How many years has Rotor Clip been attending the Fastener Show and why do you find attendance there to be so valuable?

Rotor Clip has  been attending the NIFMSE since the early 90’s, when the expo had its origin in Columbus, OH. I think there are 3 main reasons why attending the expo is valuable. First, you get to meet your customers, or potential customers, face-to-face. Even in this digital age we live in with emails, conference calls, webinars, etc. getting to meet people in person is very valuable because you are better able to take the measure of the person you are talking to, as well as building a better relationship.

Second,  NIFMSE is a great place to network and to get a feel for what’s currently going on in the fastener industry and where it is headed.

And last, but not least, branding. The expo a great place to get your name out in front of thousands of people and associate it with your company, your products/services, and your values. 

What was the inspiration behind your booth?

The inspiration came from our customers themselves. Our customers ask questions, we listen and answer. One way for Rotor Clip to answer the questions that we hear more often than others is by creating a themed booth that answers some of the most common ones.

What is the message that you wanted to convey with your booth? How did you go about bringing it to life?

This year’s message was the answer to the question “What else does Rotor Clip have to offer besides quality products?” The answer “A slew of value added services” . Everything from expert technical / engineering support and free samples, to PPAP support, certifications and more.

Since Rotor Clip  is headquartered in New Jersey where full service gas station is still a thing , we packaged it all into one slick “Full Service” gas station booth theme.  The rest was elbow grease. Building props,  designing a backdrop and always making sure that the message was clearly incorporated into the details and properly communicated,  down to the shirts our booth staff wore.  A lot of work and a lot of fun.

What is on the horizon for Rotor Clip?

We are constantly experimenting with the latest technology to support our customers with the most efficient internal systems to meet their requirements. We will continuously explore new ways to automate, improve process flow and ultimately reduce costs for our customers.

Visit www.rotorclip.com to learn more about their products and services!

Thank you to Mr. Wenzel  for the interview. We look forward to next year’s Rotor Clip Booth!

Good luck to Rotor Clip in 2017.

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