I would like to share the success of this small family business called ETANCO ESPAÑA which will soon be 40 years old –Lara García Martínez

ETANCO ESPAÑA was created in 1984 by its CEO – Carlos Garcia with a clear market objective: to meet the deadlines required by installers of roofs and façades on construction sites. Carlos Garcia saw a clear lack of supply in this sector that caused projects to be delayed and therefore entailed extra expenses in the project. Carlos Garcia created ETANCO with the idea of supplying in the short-medium term fasteners with washers and painted fasteners. This would avoid the extra costs that used to be a headache for installers. The company not only focused on the Spanish market but also expanded into Portugal, Latin America, the United Arab Emirates and Morocco.

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ETANCO was thus able to develop over the years and improve its distribution. But times and needs change and Carlos Garcia along with his brother Luis Garcia, General Manager, believed that they should not be closed in the distribution. There were installers who were not trained or needed support as the engineering companies were increasingly present in the projects, more certificates, documentation, windload calculations, etc. were required. The next step was the creation of a new job position: Technical Manager. It was a guaranteed success. This position was more than accepted and valued in the market. Carlos and Luis quickly saw its potential, thus ensuring better relations between the different membrane manufacturers, engineering and architectural firms. This new person and his team provide trainings, on-site support and provide the necessary documentation required for clients.

But like every company, we have to keep looking for new innovations in the sector and try to be the first in the market to present them. Many visits to fairs in Germany, contacts need to be able to reach the most innovative fastening system for roofs and façades: the induction system. A system that fixes the waterproofing membrane to a metal plate through the heat created by induction. This avoids perforation of the membranes and thus prevents dampness or other consequences caused by weather conditions.



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As in any market new things take time but with patience and tenacity ETANCO succeeded in being the first country in Europe to use this system. Many projects completed since 2015 and more to come. Lara Garcia, daughter of Carlos Garcia will make sure of it. Lara is responsible for purchasing and marketing. Her relationships with suppliers and entrepreneurship in the networks has made the name of ETANCO SPAIN better known in the national and foreign market. She, now in management, will be the continuity of the family business.

But Carlos and Luis know well that success is not only about selling but also about making progress in their internal structure. Coincidentally, before the pandemic they decided to establish for all their employees the option of teleworking which would only be done in cases of need on the part of the employee. That this was put in place before COVID-19 was key. In the confinement, together with the telework option and the warehouse operators who were allowed to work they were able to continue their activity on a regular basis at the end of the pandemic year with a good result.

Today they are ahead in the market for the Induction System (mentioned above), the Power Grip fastening system for solar panels (video above) so fashionable now and have opened their business to a new product line: Fall Protection. They have been able to present all their new products in the fair where they usually attend: CONSTRUTEC in Madrid.

This success year after year would not have been possible if it were not for the most important thing: people. Their employees, their distributors, their customers. The care of these relationships on a day-to-day basis makes it possible for us to be and remain among the first in the market.

As they say, ETANCO still has a long way to go.







ETANCO SA, is a Spanish company created in 1984, specialized in the development and manufacture of mechanical fixings for the construction sector. Achieving this goal in a continuously developing market was only possible through close collaboration with our customers. Something that has been and continues to be the fundamental reason for our leadership in this market. Through this collaboration, we have been able to develop a wide range of screws and systems that allow us to solve almost all Fastening problems, guaranteeing particularly demanding service and quality, making us a trustworthy partner for our customers. To maintain these levels, we continue to continuously train our collaborators at the highest level and it is our will to continue innovating and creating responses to market needs.

Visit ETANCO ESPAÑA online: https://etanco.es/


Contact information:

Industrial Estate Nº6-Expansión
C/ Puerto de Navafría, 8
28935 – MÓSTOLES (Madrid)

Phone: 91 616 53 18
Fax: 91 616 43 74


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