The Young Fastener Professionals organization has appointed three new members to its Board of Directors. Joining the Board of Directors are Baron Yarborough of Spring Bolt & Nut Mfg., Jessi Solt of G.L. Huyett and Amber Artz of the Boulder Company. According to Ryan Kertis, the President of the Young Fastener Professionals, these new Board members embody the “spirit of our organization and bring the essential aptitude, proficiency and energy to the table which will enable YFP continued success.”

In addition to thee three national Board members, Derek Dandy of Bodycote also joined the Board for the Mid-Atlantic Young Fastener Professionals; Michael Robinson of The Dyson Corporation and Bob Morrissey Jr. of American Ring joined the Board for the North Coast Young Fastener Professionals; Kenny Sanker of Blue Chip Engineered Products joined the South East Young Fastener Professionals Board; Matt Roberts of W.J.Roberts Co., Inc.  joined the North East Young Fastener Professionals Board; and Mike Ricciardi of ITW Shakeproof joined the Mid-West Young Fastener Professionals Board. 

The existing Board of Directors Ryan Kertis, Melissa Patel, Aaron Shushan & Bryan Wheeler will remain in their positions throughout 2017.

In a series of interviews, we will be introducing you to these new members of the Young Fastener Professionals Board. We introduce you to Kenny Sanker of the South East Young Fastener Professionals Board.


I started officially working in the fastener industry 2013 although I’ve been around it my entire life. My Dad started Blue Chip Engineered Products in 1984, and is the current CEO. As a kid I worked in the warehouse during the summer months doing everything from sorting parts to packaging. Before I started working for Blue Chip I traveled and worked construction. When I first came to Blue Chip in 2013 I was a warehouse hand, helping with anything that needed to be done there. In 2015 I was promoted to Warehouse Manager, taking on all the duties of the warehouse, and the warehouse employees. A short year later, in January 2016, I was promoted to Inside Sales/Purchasing. I am now strictly inside sales, supporting my customers and anything my outsides salesperson might need. Outside of work I spend most of my time hiking, fishing, and hunting.

  • How did you enter into the fastener industry? 
    I was sort of “born into” the industry through my Dad. Although I always thought  I would never end up working for Blue Chip, it’s where I ended up and I enjoy every minute of it
  • You are a representative of Spring Bolt & Nut Manufacturing. What is your role in the company?
    I am an Inside Sales Rep.
  • What are your favorite aspects of the fastener industry?
    One of my favorite aspects is overcoming the challenges that I face every day from quoting to keeping my customers happiest they can be.  One of the other things I enjoy is that the industry is full of never ending knowledge. I never stop learning  something new  from day to day
  • Why do you think that having the Young Fastener Professionals Organization is so important in the fastener industry?    
    YFP is important to the younger people working in the industry understand that being in fasteners is a great opportunity for career advancement , and isn’t just another job. It will help people create a better understanding for what the Fastener industry is about.
  • Describe your role on the Young Fastener Professionals Board.
    My role as YFP board member is to help the younger generation get a better understanding for the world of fasteners. Also to support and help them grow through mentoring, social events, networking events, and to connect all levels of experience in the industry on a personal and business level.
  • What do you hope to bring/contribute to the future of the Young Fastener Professionals?
    I hope to help as many young people get started in the industry and make it a prosperous career. Also, to help younger generation understand what is expected of them in the workplace, and how the companies can communicate what qualities the like to see of their employees.


Thank you to Mr. Sanker for his time! We wish him all the best on his future with the Young Fastener Professionals. 

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